Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Cute Modcloth Wallets!!

i know i've posted Modcloth before but this is just another post , more updated:) i found some cute wallets new in the Modcloth store:) enjoy!

Pretty, Pretty Please Pouch
this is a cute cupcake wallet by Loungefly:) it's face is so cute! little sprinkles on it's face and some cute blush:)

Cupcake Wallet available here.

Quarter Pounder Pouch
another wallet/pouch from Loungefly. hamburger!! i have a friend that LOVES hamburgers, we always tease him about that:)

Hamburger Wallet available here.
Hello, Sweet Tooth Wallet
i personally dun really like Hello Kitty but if u guys LOVE her, then this wallet is definitely for u:) cute and yummy:) but there's one thing i like on this wallet which is the donuts:) ohm nom nom:)

Hello Kitty Donut Wallet available here.

A Forest of Friends Wallet

A Forest of Friends Wallet
lastly is this cute wallet by Poketo :) the 3 friends meet when u open the wallet all the way up:) too cute!!

Poketo Friends Wallet available here.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Etsy Search-Smile Recipe

yay for finally posting Etsy Search!! i've been wanting to post this for the longest time but i've been way too bust with schoolwork. hope u guys will understand:) anyway, let's get down to business.
Smile Recipe sells the cutest DS cases,Ipad cases,calendars,pencil cases etc. they are all so sweet and will definitely make u smile:)

this pencil case/zipper pouch is my personal favourite:) it is Pocky-inspired and looks so yummy!! the "Plucky" treats' faces look so cute!! plus, Strawberry is my fav Pocky flavor:) also available in Chocolate.

Plucky Pencil Case/Zipper Pouch in Strawberry available here.

Plucky Pencil Case/Zipper Pouch in Chocolate available here.

this pic shows the front and back of this Happy Girl pencil case/zipper pouch:) there's a blondie and a brunette, they both look so happy:) the blond girl kinda reminds me of Gretel from Hansel and Gretel. ahhh... they just look so sweet!!

Happy Girls Pencil Case/Zipper Pouch available here.

another pencil case/zipper pouch :) these are Kokeshi dolls, like Momiji:) there's something just so cute about them, in every shape and size and look, they always look so cute!!

Kokeshi Doll Pencil Case/Zipper Pouch available here.

this set of 4 buttons called Hello Japan is super cute!! they are 4 iconic Japanese things. from left to right, Maneki Neko(Lucky Cat), Mount Fuji,Daruma (a Buddhist monk) and Kappa(Water Sprite). they are so cute!!

Set of 4 Hello Japan Buttons available here.

this is one of the DS cases:) really simple yet cute:) it's kinda like a pastel gingham pattern:)there are little pockets for extra cartridge and another one at the back:)

Pastel Gingham DS Case available here.

such a cute calendar!!it's the same blonde girl as the one on the Happy Girls pencil case/zipper pouch. and it seems that she loves to sew:)

She Loves To Sew Calendar available here.

all available from Smile Recipe.