Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hi guys, I'm so happy to see you guys again and thanks to everyone who commented on my posts;) I'm so sorry i've been away for so long D: I've been really busy with school work, and i hope you guys will understand though. As i am a student and i don't do this for a living (purely for fun),i have to focus on my studies to ensure a better future ahead of me:) So yeah, i will probably only update like once a month depending on how busy i am that month. I'm really really sorry and you don't know how much i wish i had more time to blog:/ But studies first.

Anyway, today i bring with me an uber-kawaii ,harajuku style, store originating from UK(everything's in Euros). I just can't get over it, it's too cute!! i love everything there, especially their jewellery which is so intricate and feminine:) The store is called Maqaroon, after the ever popular pastry,macaroons!! Let's take a look!

This has got to be one of my favourite things in the whole store:) Recently, i've been very into Eiffel tower jewellery, i just think its so cute and delicate and i really love how they incorporated the pink macaroon into it:) i think it's a very nice twist to the usual Eiffel tower necklace. Available in 3 colours, Brown, Pink and Green.

Pink Eiffel Tower Necklace available here.
Brown Eiffel Tower Necklace available here.
Green Eiffel Tower Necklace available here.

another cute understated piece called the French Bunny:) I think its a very kawaii piece and i think because the colours are very neutral, it is very easy matching. This piece is also slightly cheaper as it is very simple and chic, but it will definitely add a cute touch to any outfit:D

French Bunny available here.

Vanilla Macaroon
okay, so i don't know if i ever told you guys, but i am absolutely IN LOVE with BOWS<3 I have a pair of really cute bow earrings that look like these except without the macaroons. i really like how most of their jewellery have the signature macaroon incorporated in it, very very unique and affordable:) i also like the colour contrast between the pink bow and cream macaroon:)

Bow Macaroon Earrings available here.

*Sidenote: Maqaroon also sells the double fingered moustache ring i talked about in the previous post so you guys can check it out if you like;)

Street Style Alphabet Poster 
who wouldn't like to have an Alphabet chart on Street Style o.O I love this so so much!!i think it would be a very unique piece and would add a very nice kawaii feel to your home:DD oh and btw, if you choose the "folded poster" shipping option which might cause a few creases but basically the poster will be rolled up and shipped and if you choose this option, you'll get a very nice 70% shippping discount ^-^ how awesome!

Street Style Alphabet Poster available here.

Maqaroon sells key rings too!! of really cute dolls dressed differently, and this one here is a Kigurumin Hamster. Here the girl is dressed in a hamster suit, too cute!! and i love how all the jewellery and keyrings have the "Maqaroon logo" on it, the cute green thing with moustache(aww yeahh!!). Best part, it comes with a free Vinyl sticker! <3 it!

Kigurumin Hamster Key Ring available here.

Wa-Lolita Bunny 
This cutie is called Wa Lolita:) She was voted the most popular Maqaroon character:D And so they put her on a tote bag for everyone to carry around and spread her cuteness around the world ^-^ I love this so much too!! haha i feel like i'm saying that i love everything XD

Wa Lolita Tote Bag available here.

Okay so i hope you guys enjoyed looking at some of the cute stuff Maqaroon has to offer and maybe you might purchase for yourself and your friends:) Thanks and hopefully i'll be able to update this blog again sooner ;) Love you guys and see ya!