Friday, April 29, 2011


i used to think Domo was overrated but recently,my friend Rachel got a Domo pouch and that made me totally love Domo.i realised he really is cute and that he deserves a long post on my blog:) so come check it out!!

Image of Domo Kun Tote Bag

first up is this kawaii Domo tote bag:) i actually saw my ex-english teacher carrying this bag a week's so furry!!!dang,i want it sooo badly now:)

Domo Tote Bag available at PuffMonkey.

Plush Domo Backpack Character

another Domo bag:) this one's a backpack.a few days ago, i saw a girl carrying this exact Domo bag:) i immediately took out my phone and snapped a shot of it:) i bet she probably thought i was like a stalker or smth:)

Domo Backpack available at BeatDropsCloset.

Domo Air Freshener: Automotive - photo

are you wondering what this is?? it's a Domo air freshener!!wow.they really make literally EVERYTHING become Domo themed!! Domo is taking over the world!!haha:) it's only $5! and after the smell fades,you can use it as a key chain,pretty worth the money rite??

Domo Air Freshener available at Shop Response.

Domo Kun Waving Colored Sticker Decal - Click Image to Close cute is this Domo decal?? i'm lovin it!! even with it's sharp teeth showing,Domo still looks friendly and kawaii:)

Domo Decal available at StickerKings.

Domo Kun Bank

nope,this is surely not ur average cute Domo's also a piggy bank!!! it's like a 2 in 1 thing:) u get a kawaii figurine + a coin bank,all rolled into one!! now how awesomely cute is that??

Domo Coin Bank available at Amazon.

okay,is it just me or is Domo getting cuter just as we speak?? i mean look at these Domo phone pouches!! two words:SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE!!

Domo Phone Pouch available at Aliexpress.

and this little Domo goodie is totally FREE!! it's a downloadable Domo desktop wallpaper:) liitle Domos and big Domos:) all so kawaii i couldn't ask for more!!

Domo Desktop Wallpaper available at Kawaii Wallpapers.

last but not least,we have this uber-kawaii Domo IPhone cover:) okay,have i told u guys i totally want an Iphone just cuz i wanna dress it up with all kinds of kawaii covers:) i know,probably a really lame reason to get an Iphone rite? haha:)

Domo Iphone Cover available at HelloKittyXL.

okay,that's all the Domokun i've got for now:) see ya next time!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kawaii Watches!

a watch is super handy and great.but what is better
than a watch?a cute watch!! in the post,i'm gonna show
you some watches i found on the web:)so come check them out!!

My Neighbor Totoro SEIKO ALBA Quartz Watch ACBS741

starting off with this kawaii Totoro watch:)how can u resist the temptation to buy it? it's way too kawaii!!

Totoro Watch available at Strapya World.

this awesome kawaii Rilakkuma watch is definitely my fave:)i would totally get this if i could, it's freaking IRRESISTIBLE!!!i mean,who wouldn't want to see Rilakkuma every time they need to check the time?i totally would!!

Rilakkuma Watch available at Kung Fu Tea Gifts.

Harajuku Lovers Women's Plastic watch #HLLF333420

so i spent like the longest time looking for a cute one:)
i love the colour of this watch!! i now have newfound respect for Gwen Stefani:) to the cute creator of Harajuku Lovers Brand,you rock!!

Harajuku Lovers Watch available at WatchesRetailers.

i actually have this watch on my wrist right was my sister's but she gave it to me:)i am totally lovin this watch!!i love the colour especially. i mean,rainbows just make me feel happy:)

Rainbow Swatch Watch available at Swatch.

okay,i hope you enjoyed this post:) that's all for now!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Rilakkuma Collection!!

hi guys! you all know how much i love Rilakkuma rite? and of course,a Rilakkuma lover must have purchased some Rilakkuma merchandise rite? well in this post,i'm gonna show u guys my whole Rilakkuma collection:) so come and check it out!!!

1) Rilakkuma Macaroon Spiral Notebook

first up in my Rilakkuma collection is this kawaii macaroon notebook.yes,i know i once said that i have tons of notebooks that i don't use so i shouldn't buy more but my mom just bought it. but not to worry,i'm now using to write Science notes:) so it didn't go to waste!and seriously,how cute is this?i mean look at that uber-kawaii paper!! <3 it!!

Rilakkuma Macaroon Spiral Notebook available at ShopKawaii.

2)Rilakkuma Drinking Soup in The Forest Notebook

second in my Rilakkuma collection is yet another notebook:) and you know what? i think this notebook is way cuter than the other one......which is partly the reason why i haven't used it yet.....cuz i can't bear to.... i mean , if u saw a cute Rilakkuma cupcake or smth,i bet u wouldn't bear to eat it too rite? well,u can already tell from the cover how cute it is:)with Rilakkuma drinking soup,do u guys drink soup before or after eating rice?i drink it before:) weird rite?heehee:)

Rilakkuma Drinking Soup in The Forest Notebook available at YesAsia.

3)Rilakkuma Mini Memo Pad With Strawberry

third in my collection is a mini memo pad:)great for writing to do lists or notes on .personally,i find that when i write stuff i need to do on cute post its or memo pads, i won't forget them and it also makes writing them more fun:)as always,Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma remain as cute as ever!!

Rilakkuma Mini Memo Pad With Strawberry available at modes4u.

5)Korilakkuma Post-it Notes

these were a gift from my friend,Rachel:)i use them all the them as bookmarks,reminders, cute and awesome!!i like the blue Korilakkuma one the most:)

Korilakkuma Post-it Notes available at Ebay.

6)Rilakkuma Rabbit Lovely Strawberry Cup

and lastly, my most used Rilakkuma thing is.... my Rilakkuma cup!! I ABSOLUTELY <3 IT!!! and it just suits how this year is the Rabbit year and all... and personally, i think Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma look so cute dressed as rabbits,can't say anything bout the duck though...i guess he's cute too:)

Rilakkuma Rabbit Lovely Strawberry Cup available at FlutterScape.

okay,that's all i have currently in my Rilakkuma collection!! hope u enjoyed this post!!

Friday, April 15, 2011


have you guys heard of Tsai-fi?it sells the cutest range of Japanese inspired stuff,so prepare to be blown away in theTsai-fi world of geishas,dust bunnis,mermaids and CUTENESS:)

okay,so let's come and check this store out!

starting with the prints!

Rollin' with Rocky

one of my faves:)the name of this print is "Rollin' With Rocky".It's the thing i love about this print is the girl,i mean i love her face,her hair and i love the dog too:)but really,what's there not to love?

Rollin' With Rocky Print available here.

Pass the Mic Print Series 2

this print here is called"Pass The Mic".the bird totally reminds me of myself during karaoke sessions.....major mic hogger.......heh. but the thing i love about this print is mostly the innocent looking sweet and pretty:)

Pass The Mic Print available here.

Dragon Fish Print

another one of my faves,the Dragon Fish Print,totally Japanese inspired.the girl that's fishing is called a Katkeshi, it's so graceful and dainty:)this cutie is wearing a sweet blue kimono with fishes on it, and of course, she's fishing:) total cuteness to another level<3

Dragon Fish Print available here.

Owl Mistress  Print

this print is called 'Owl Mistress",kinda obvious why rite?dang,the owls are so cute and that girl really seemed obsessed with them.and i TOTALLY want that girl's headband!! someone, make it for me, pleeeaaassse... kidding , kidding haha:) love this print:)

Owl Mistress Print available here.

Luau Lulu Print

this Hawaiian cutie goes by the name of Luau Lulu,which is also the name of the print.i love this print cuz of the colours,and of course,the illustration:) such vibrant colours are just so refreshing to look at:) and the illustration is AMAZING:) Hawaiian cuties FTW!!

Luau Lulu Print available here.

loads more other prints available here.

now for some jewellery!!

Smashed at Sea Sparkle Pendant

this sailor mergirl is chilling out with a cocktail drink in hand:) uber-cute!! if u love the sea,mermaids and nautical colours, u'll love this Smashed at Sea Sparkle pendant:)

Smashed at Sea Sparkle Pendant available here.

Nerdy Birdy Heart Cameo Necklace

who can resist em' kawaii birds?not me! i love them:)and by the way, if u didn't know,that circle around the birdy's eye is supposed to be his specs,cuz he's a Nerdy Birdy:) oh and each necklace is unique cuz it is hand painted, so no two are the same,how awesome is that?3 colours to choose from:Blue,Green and Red.

Nerdy Birdy Necklace available here.

Dust Bunni Heart Cameo Necklace

and of course,not to forget, the Tsai-fi signature dust bunni(yes,it's spelt like that) necklace!!!cuteness with an edge:) also available in 3 colours: Orange,Black and Yellow

Dust Bunni Heart necklace available here.

more jewellery available here.

also,check out the kawaii accessories!!
Nerdy Birdy Pin Set

another one from the Nerdy Birdy:) these cute pins come in a set of 3 and have 3 different coloured birds on each one. love their geeky specs:) i find weird specs really amusing and cute!

Nerdy Birdy Set of 3 Pins available here.

Katkeshi Pin Set

another set of 3 pins from the Katkeshi collection:)which one's ur fave?mine's the pink one:)love her kimono!

Katkeshi Set of 3 Pins available here.

more pins available here.

and guess what?Tsai-fi sells Iphone covers too!! OMG!!!

Sweet Treats iPhone 3G Cover

Dolled Up iPhone 3G Cover

Last Call iPhone 3G Cover

Dolly Dolphin iPhone 3G Cover

all covers available here.

oh and last but not least,check out the Tsai-fi tees!!!

Sweetest Blossom Tee

Final Sweep Tee in Chocolate

Berry Lucky Tee in Navy

Best Night Ever Tee in White

all clothing available here.

have fun shopping at Tsai-fi

and be sure to keep updated here at Ling's Blog!!