Saturday, June 30, 2012

Etsy Feature: Huiyi Tan

hey guys:) this time i'm back with an Etsy store i'd like to share with you guys! Sticking with the dainty jewellery theme(hahas yes i'm definitely obsessed), this etsy store sells really cute jewellery, i'm particularly in love with her earrings! The great thing is, all her pieces in the store are really wearable, everday kind of pieces in my opinion:D So, without further ado, let's check out Huiyi Tan's Etsy Store!

dinosaur earring studs in sterling silver, the brontosaurus version, handmade in the UK

dinosaur earring studs in sterling silver, the brontosaurus version, handmade in the UK

The first thing that caught my eye had to be this pair of dinosaur earrings, they are so unique! Where i live, you'd never be able to find anything like this! With these earrings on,you'll definitely stand out among the crowd:) Handmade in sterling silver, there are only 10 of these pairs available, so hurry grab them before they sell out!!

Dino Earrings available here.

sterling silver snowflake earring studs, handmade in England

Another one-of-a-kind pair of earrings, these snowflake earrings are so intricate and just like real snowflakes, no two will be the same! ;) currently only 8 left!!

Snowflake Earrings available here.

sterling silver fish bone necklace, handmade in the UK

Now this necklace is definitely one of my favourites :D I was nicknamed 'Fish" when i was younger because my mouth was forever open like a fish haha and i just thought this necklace was the prettiest little thing ever! Man, i really want this so badly now <3

Fish Skeleton Necklace available here.

Mended heart necklace in sterling silver, handmade in England

A pendant of a mended, once broken heart :) Great as a gift for that special someone or even to remind yourself that good things will come no matter how many heartbreaks you have to go through to find it <3 very very intimate and heartwarming piece to me :D

Mended Heart Necklace available here.

This post is shorter than usual, but i gotta run so I shall leave it to you guys to go explore the store yourselves, you never know you may find something you really like ;)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cute Dainty Jewellery!

Hey guys:) yeah im back after like 2months without posting:/ well i was on holiday in Sydney(photos to come) the past week and the rest of the time was spent mugging. yes i know i have no life:( but it's currently school holidays so i have some time on my hands now:D TIME FOR A FASHION POST!!

okay, so recently, i've been really into dainty and intricate handmade jewellery(which i found a lot of in Sydney) so i thought why not do a blog post about it? Now, before i start this post, i will just warn you since this jewllery is mostly handmade and a lot smaller and thus harder to make, it will be a little bit more pricey than your normal Forever 21type jewellery.Also, majority of the jewellery come form Etsy, just to let you guys know:)

So, let's get started with this post!:DD

1. Cute Animal Ear Rings

Cute animal ring - laser cut acrylic - Choose from cat, fox or teddy bear

so if you guys have noticed, rings with cute animal ears on them have been trending, in particular the bunny ears:D i have one myself that's a mickey mouse ear one, which is really cute too! but i've never seen these kind before! they are so much more unique than your usual generic gold and animal ears! They will for sure let you stand out amongst the crowd:) Available in Cat,Fox and Teddy Bear Ears haha too cute ^^

Cute Animal Ears Rings available here.

2. Dainty Turquoise Ring

Dainty Turquoise Stacking Ring Turquoise Solitaire Ring Shiny or Oxidized - made to order in your finger size

One of my favourite colours for summer has got to be turquoise, heck, i've always loved that colour. I just think is ring is so delicate and yet will stand out because of the turquoise gem in the centre. Also, i love rings that have that kind of ball chain ring as shown on the ring above. I think it adds to the daintyness and feel of the whole piece:) Best part, this ring is multi-functional, meaning you can wear it alone, or stack it with other dainty rings! It works both ways:D

Turquoise Dainty Ring available here.

3. Dainty Gold Bow Ring

Bow gold ring, bow ring, gold ring, thin delicate ring, bridal jewelry,best friends ring, forget me knot ring

Another one of my obsessions: bow rings.This one in particular really caught my eye^^ i thought the bow was more realistic in the sense that it looks like those knots you would tie around your waist with a sash. In other words, i think this bow ring is very subtle but yet it has its own kind of quirkyness and cuteness:D and of course, it will go with anything and everything you wear! So i say it's quite worth the money;)

Dainty Gold Bow Ring available here.

4. Gold Daisy Flower Ring

gold daisy flower ring

funny story actually, yesterday my sister came home with the exact same ring but bought from a local boutique and it was way more expensive than this one sold on Etsy. I really wanted it so now i guess i know where to get it:) This is another piece that goes with basically everything. Also comes in Silver.

Gold Daisy Ring available here.

5. Cute Swallow Necklace

Silver Simple Sparrow Necklace- Pretty Sterling Silver over Brass Bird Classic Pendant on Dainty Sterling Silver Chain with Secure Clasp

another thing that's been trending lately is the swallow. They've been turned into cute prints on dresses to cute charms for jewellery. I, myself do quite like this trend as i've always really loved the elegant shape of the swallow:D so what better way to express your love for swallows or even birds on the whole than with this intricate swallow necklace? It is also great for layering with longer necklaces!

Swallow Necklace available here

6. Gold Heart Necklace

Gold Heart Necklace - Dainty Necklace

A timeless piece, love will never die <3 just like an actual heart, this necklace is very delicate and small. But it's definitely something you can wear every day:) i feel like most dainty necklaces come with fairly short chains but i don't really mind, i think it adds to the whole look. I mean a dainty charm goes with a dainty short chain doesn't it:D

Gold Heart Necklace available here.

7. Two Cute Birds In Love Necklace

Two Cute Birdies in Love - Dainty Necklace on Gold Chain - Ready to Ship

This may not be the most dainty necklace but i still think it counts:) also, it's too cute to not post!! haha Gotta love it!

Two Cute Birdies In Love Necklace available here.

8. Peace Sign Bracelet

Image 1 of ASOS Fine Peace Sign Bracelet

Now I'm not the biggest fan of wearing like big peace signs around your neck as i don't think i can pull them off >< but i think the smaller peace signs are really cute and a lot easier to pull off :) I have really been loving those one charm dainty chain bracelets:D I just think they are so pretty and go with everything, it's all you need to add that bit of girlishness/feminine to your outfit ^^

Peace Sign Bracelet available here

9.Wishbone Bracelet

wishbone bracelet - dainty everyday jewelry

Again with my one charm dainty bracelet obssession:D i've been really loving all those good luck charms like wishbone,horseshoe and clover:) They really stand out to me as Singapore doesn't really sell a lot of those kind of charms, so when i saw them in Sydney i fell in love <3 doesn't get any better than this!

Wishbone Bracelet available here.

10. Horseshoe Studs

These horseshoe studs were so close to coming home with me but as much as I liked them, I didn't dig the price. AU$59. i gave it up:/ but now i regret DDDD: They would've been so worth the money, i would've worn them everyday! but it's okay, i've found the perfect dupe/substitute >:D These are way cheaper:D YAYYY INTERNET!!

Horseshoe Studs available here.

Okay, that's it for this post! see you guys in the next post!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hi guys, I'm so happy to see you guys again and thanks to everyone who commented on my posts;) I'm so sorry i've been away for so long D: I've been really busy with school work, and i hope you guys will understand though. As i am a student and i don't do this for a living (purely for fun),i have to focus on my studies to ensure a better future ahead of me:) So yeah, i will probably only update like once a month depending on how busy i am that month. I'm really really sorry and you don't know how much i wish i had more time to blog:/ But studies first.

Anyway, today i bring with me an uber-kawaii ,harajuku style, store originating from UK(everything's in Euros). I just can't get over it, it's too cute!! i love everything there, especially their jewellery which is so intricate and feminine:) The store is called Maqaroon, after the ever popular pastry,macaroons!! Let's take a look!

This has got to be one of my favourite things in the whole store:) Recently, i've been very into Eiffel tower jewellery, i just think its so cute and delicate and i really love how they incorporated the pink macaroon into it:) i think it's a very nice twist to the usual Eiffel tower necklace. Available in 3 colours, Brown, Pink and Green.

Pink Eiffel Tower Necklace available here.
Brown Eiffel Tower Necklace available here.
Green Eiffel Tower Necklace available here.

another cute understated piece called the French Bunny:) I think its a very kawaii piece and i think because the colours are very neutral, it is very easy matching. This piece is also slightly cheaper as it is very simple and chic, but it will definitely add a cute touch to any outfit:D

French Bunny available here.

Vanilla Macaroon
okay, so i don't know if i ever told you guys, but i am absolutely IN LOVE with BOWS<3 I have a pair of really cute bow earrings that look like these except without the macaroons. i really like how most of their jewellery have the signature macaroon incorporated in it, very very unique and affordable:) i also like the colour contrast between the pink bow and cream macaroon:)

Bow Macaroon Earrings available here.

*Sidenote: Maqaroon also sells the double fingered moustache ring i talked about in the previous post so you guys can check it out if you like;)

Street Style Alphabet Poster 
who wouldn't like to have an Alphabet chart on Street Style o.O I love this so so much!!i think it would be a very unique piece and would add a very nice kawaii feel to your home:DD oh and btw, if you choose the "folded poster" shipping option which might cause a few creases but basically the poster will be rolled up and shipped and if you choose this option, you'll get a very nice 70% shippping discount ^-^ how awesome!

Street Style Alphabet Poster available here.

Maqaroon sells key rings too!! of really cute dolls dressed differently, and this one here is a Kigurumin Hamster. Here the girl is dressed in a hamster suit, too cute!! and i love how all the jewellery and keyrings have the "Maqaroon logo" on it, the cute green thing with moustache(aww yeahh!!). Best part, it comes with a free Vinyl sticker! <3 it!

Kigurumin Hamster Key Ring available here.

Wa-Lolita Bunny 
This cutie is called Wa Lolita:) She was voted the most popular Maqaroon character:D And so they put her on a tote bag for everyone to carry around and spread her cuteness around the world ^-^ I love this so much too!! haha i feel like i'm saying that i love everything XD

Wa Lolita Tote Bag available here.

Okay so i hope you guys enjoyed looking at some of the cute stuff Maqaroon has to offer and maybe you might purchase for yourself and your friends:) Thanks and hopefully i'll be able to update this blog again sooner ;) Love you guys and see ya!

Friday, January 20, 2012

It's 2012!! The year of the Dragon:D

hey guys:) i haven't talked to you all for SO LONG!! sorry:( i've been really busy with my new school. I can't keep up:/ but i'd just like to wish all of you guys a happy 2012!!! hope you guys had fun ringing in the new year:) now, to celebrate the new year, i'm gonna show you guys  2 new cute shops:D


okay first up is this super kawaii Etsy store called Loopz:) they sell cute modern art for all ages complete with super hero themed calendars:DD

2012 Calendar, Cute Animal Printable
For the year 2012, Loopz offers you a printable calendar so you can keep track of every day of 2012:) and they come in really cute animal form!!

Printable 2012 Calendar available here.

Super hero art print 5 x 7 set of 6
I don't know about you guys, but i've always loved superheroes:) From the Justice League to The Avengers, i loved them all^_^ my all time favourite has got to be Batman:) and this set of prints make him look so cute haha:D

Cute Superhero Prints available here.

Mario and Luigi 5x7 art prints set fo 2

in case you guys didn't already know, i love Mario:) he's my favourite video game character, ahahaha so cute!! shoutout to those Mario Kart players, ,<3 IT!!

Mario and Luigi Print available here.

Think Happy Be Happy 8x10 art Print

need some positive inspiration to brighten your day? why not buy this feel good print? i personally love to paste inspirational posters on my room wall:) they look good and make me feel good:) and this print comes in all kinds of colours:)

Think Happy, Be Happy Print available here.

Is that cute enough for you? If you like those prints shown above, do check out Loopz:)


Next up, we have a very cute store called Bora,if your looking for cute fabrics,  and if your looking just for cute stuff,they also have an Etsy store, so do check it out:)

From Bora's fabric store on Spoonflower, we have this uber cute elephant print which my sister would love:P haha so is crazy about elephants:) but i have to admit, this one is adorable:)

Cute Elephant Fabric available here.

another fabric print from the Bora Spoonflower shop is this cute cat fabric print:) they're chasing after the balls of string, haha isn't that just the cutest thing ever? simply irresistible:))

Cute Cat Fabric available here.

Tea Time kawaii magnets

From the Bora Etsy store, is this set of fridge magnets:) i would love to see this every time i open the fridge door haha:)

Set of 8 Fridge Magnets available here.

If you like what you saw above, there are many more adorable fabric prints at Bora's Spoonflower shop and  Etsy shop for you to chose from:)

So i'm gonna end off the post here. HAPPY 2012 EVERYONE:) here's to the New Year ahead!! and thanks for reading:)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Moustache Madness:D

hi guys, in case you didn't know, i'm pretty obsessed with moustaches now:) i don't actually like real hairy moustaches, i like moustache related things, like jewelry,plushies, etc. cuz the fake moustaches are really cute i find:) so today i went online and i managed to find some of my favourite moustache related things! here they are!!

1. Moustache Double Ring

i really like double rings, i think they add a fresh twist to the normal one fingered rings:) and they're really cute! i'm quite obsessed with rings on the whole, and i actually bought this moustache double ring not long ago, it's really easy to match. it'll definitely add a cute touch to any outfit:)

Moustache Double Ring available at Ebay.

2. Moustache Necklace
Black Moustache Necklace .. English Gentleman Movember Vintage Pendant

other than rings, they also have moustache necklaces!! Awesome!! i actually saw one at a Diva outlet near my house yesterday, it was the last piece left so i grabbed it and went to pay for it:) it's really cute and worth the money!! it's also easy matching^-^

Moustache Necklace available at Etsy.

3. Moustache Cursor

yes, now you can actually get a moustache cursor for your computer!!! how great is the Internet man! love it<3

Moustache Cursor available for download at Cursors4u.

4. I Heart Moustaches T-Shirt

if you're a moustache fanatic like myself, you can now let the world know it:) by the power of a teeshirt!!! i personally love tees with a message, and a cute one at that:) so this t-shirt is a must-have for me! o.O

I Heart Moustaches T-Shirt available at

5. Blue Octopus Moustache Plush
Blue Octopus Plush Toy with Moustache

what better to cuddle up with than a octopus moustache plush? like seriously, it's an octopus with a moustache! CUTE MAX!!! and it's in my fave colour, BLUE:) 2 of my fave things rolled into one!! Awesome^-^

Blue Octopus Plush available at Etsy.

6. Moustache Mug

even your mug can be stylish:) just add a moustache on it and your good to go! this definitely will stand out among the crowd:D

Moustache Mug available at SloganMugs.


okay, see you guys in the next post!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ku-ki Shop

hey guys:) sorry i haven't updated for a while, been really busy organizing everything for my graduation. i hope you'll forgive me cuz i cant blog daily:/ but today i'm back with a super cute shop i found:) it's called Ku-ki Shop, and it sells a whole bunch of handmade cute jewelry!! come check it out!

first up, we have this super kawaii(and not to mention irresistible) pair of bunny ice cream earrings!! how cute is that! if you wear it, you'll surely stand out among the crowd! :)

Bunny Ice Cream Earrings available here.

next, we have another fellow bunny ice cream friend:) but this one's a necklace and it's pink:) oh so cute!!! in falling in love with,like, all the stuff at Ku-ki Shop!!<3 it!

Pink Bunny Ice Cream Necklace available here.

this charm bracelet is definitely one of my favourites:) i just love all the pastel colours:) it's just so pretty!! reminds me of rainbows:D

Rainbow Pastel Bears Charm Bracelet available here.

OMG!!! i just saw this, and it's so so so cute!! i love the whole vintage feel of this necklace;) and a plus point is that it's a locket!! MY FAVE!!! <3 this necklace man, seriously, what's there not to love about it? it even has the Alice in Wonderland characters inside the locket!!

Alice In Wonderland Locket Necklace available here.

now isn't this the cutest air of earrings ever!! sticking to the Alice In Wonderland theme again(yays), Ku-ki Shop presents you with this uber kawaii pair of ear studs^-^ featuring Alice and The White Rabbit:D what's there not to love about it?

Alice In Wonderland Ear Studs available here.

not exactly the normal cute jewelry you see in Ku-ki Shop, but i love it how it's so vintage looking! i'm pretty obsessed with rings right now, especially these kind! <3ing it!

Vintage Flower Ring available here.

Okay, that's all for today:) be sure to check out Ku-ki Shop!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cath Kidston Floral Sneakers:)

hey guys:) So my birthday is coming up and my sister asked me what i wanted for my birthday, normally i wouldn't know what exactly i wanted, but this time i did.

If you guys know me, you would know i'm obsessed with floral prints(still!!its been a year already haha). So you would never believe how happy i was when i spotted these pair of pretty Cath Kidston floral print sneakers!!

I personally think these sneakers are uber-cute:) and it'll be a great addition to my floral print collection:) and my sister bought them from the site, she said it'd already arrived at her apartment!! super excited to the max!! and who else is loving all the vintage Cath Kidston iPhone covers?! <3 Cath Kidston!!

Cath Kidston Floral Sneakers available here.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Today's Theme-Locket Necklaces(from Etsy)

hi guys, sorry I haven't been updating my blog for so long:( It's actually because I was away for a pretty long while in Shanghai, but more on that later. So today, i'm back and i'm gonna be sharing with you my latest obsession-Locket Necklaces. i think they're really cute and sentimental, you can put pictures of people who are close to your heart, or carve a message in it. i feel like it's a very very meaningful piece of jewelry:) that's why i love it! the next few locket necklaces i'm about to show you are all from Etsy.

Image Locket with Small Red Peacock Feather on 14kt Gold Filled Chain

Image Locket with Small Red Peacock Feather on 14kt Gold Filled Chain
so first up is this really cute simple peacock feather,red locket necklace. I personally think this is a uber sweet necklace, it's very unique too, and there's only one available, so nobody will have the same one as you:) Get it before it's out of stock!

Red Peacock Feather Locket Necklace available here.

Vintage Locket, Long, Turquoise And Pink Flowers Necklace

next up is this very vintage-looking locket. i totally love it;) from the intricate carving on the locket to the little details like the pink and blue beads, everything about it is so pretty! definitely worth the money:)

Vintage Locket Necklace available here.

Vintage Locket. Lilac Purple Flower and Black Lace Filigree Locket Necklace

this locket here is one of the pretty rare ones that are made mostly with fabric, not metal. so you don't have to worry about the whole thing rusting. i think this is a very sweet vintage locket, and i think the purple Lilac flower adds just the right pop of colour to it:)

Vintage Purple Lilac Locket Necklace available here.

Rose heart locket necklace in antique brass

another cute locket, but this one's heart shaped;) i kinda like the heart lockets more than the circular ones, but overall, both kinds are really sweet though! this one here has a rose design carved on it and some cute little beads, very beautiful:)

Rose Heart Locket Necklace available here.

Art Locket Necklace-Groovy Multi Color Peace Sign-h203

Art Locket Necklace-Groovy Multi Color Peace Sign-h203

now this is what i call a unique locket necklace. hardly do i ever see peace lockets!! this is so cool! loving it! the artwork is amazing, and it is so worth it for the price! :)

Peace Sign Locket Necklace available here.

Art Locket Necklace-Flower Power-h201

another beautiful locket from the same shop, damn, i just love their artwork on the lockets!! so much effort taken! Respect:) their lockets are one of a kind, meaning you'll never see anyone with the same one:) how awesome is that?! ^-^

Floral Locket Necklace available here.

okay, that's all from me for today:) I hope you guys liked these locket necklaces as much as i did:) they're all really pretty, and they're all handmade,how awesome can this get?! ^-^

see you guys on the next post, bye!

be sure to keep updated here at Ling's Blog:)