Thursday, September 30, 2010

Etsy Search-kawaiifriendscafe

Sweets Deco Cupcake Strap
This little cutie is a cupcake topped with lots of sweet treats! It all sits in a cute foil cup.

available here.

SWEETS DECO Donut Alarm Clock
SWEETS DECO Donut Alarm Clock

okay , this is LITERALLY the sweetest clock i've ever seen!!!! yummy!!

available here.

Sweet Parfait Photo Stand
no, this is not an ice cream sundae, its a photo stand!! would u believe it??

available here.

SWEETS DECO Cupcake Strap
this cutie is just adorable, all i can say is super cute!!!!! hooray for kawaii!!!!

available here.

SWEETS DECO Small Hand Mirror
This little mirror is topped with frosting, and tons of sweet treats! makes ur sweet tooth tingle, doesn't it?

available here.

SWEETS DECO hand mirror
omg, hmmm.. so tempting, i think if i continue on like this , i might start drooling.....

available here.

Monster pouches!!

dont u love these monster pouches? they're different from the others, they're cuter:)


who doesn't RED, LOUD sneakers?these ones look like graffiti and skulls mixed together to give it and edgy look:)

available here.

and a little innocent dress wouldn't do u any harm:) Think laces, soft fabrics, pastel colors, sweet prints, vintage-inspired pieces and puffy sleeves - all this without losing its youthful and modern-day appeal.

available here.

very creative , i love this!!great for those girls craving for a "Kawaii' feeling:)

available here.

3 words: super kawaii cuteness!!u know, sometimes, kawaii can come in many different ways:)

available here.

cherry cherry , pom pom!!with two cute ,soft poms poms to add a kawaii touch, this hoodie is exactly what i call , just enough kawaii:)

available here.

i personally am a huge fan of 3/4 pants:) i own a pair of them too:) and these might just be the next pair im gonna own:)

available here.

only the pink colour flats are left:)its cute and vintage-like so what more could u ask for?

available here.
see, fashion can be cute too ya know:)

available here.

blue flats are all u need to brighten up ur outfit:)

available here.

loads more from AsiaJam.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fruit Plushies from etsy janiexy

Billy - Blueberry Plushie
Billy comes from a very large family. That's why he's the sweetest blueberry you'll ever meet, he's friendly, funny, and is a pretty handy little guy. If you're nice to him, he may even patch that hole in your wall you've been avoiding.

Nancy - Plushie Orange

Nancy is an orange stuck in the 80s. Some of her favorite songs are, well, anything Madonna (pre-built biceps) and Cindy Lauper.

Fernando - Plushie Pear
Fernando is a retired activist. You're probably wondering what causes he fought for, but that would be a hard answer to find because Fernando is the most passionate pear you'll ever meet. He once was so compelled by the argument over whether PB & Js should be made with more peanut butter or more jelly--he argued that they should be equal. No one agreed with him and the conflict continues. We never said he was a successful activist.

Fernando can be made with a bell inside--perfect for the little ones in your life.

all and more from Janiexy.

Urban Outfitters

not only does urban outfitters sell cool clothes, they also sell super cute stuff like:

A cupcake coin bank
Saving your pennies will be less of a chore and more of a treat with this delicious looking cupcake money bank.

Cupcake shaped salt and pepper shakers
There's nothing wrong with mixing a bit of sweet and savory together in our opinion. Enjoy the best of both worlds with this cupcake salt & pepper set complete with holder.

A mini-cupcake kit
Got a sweet tooth? Then you'll love this tiny bakery kit, which allows you to make the smallest of cupcakes and frost them too!

Cute Aprons

Mr Messy Apron
You can spill and splash as much as you like with this Mr. Messy apron to keep you looking spotless after a spell in the kitchen.

Superman Apron
We cannot guarantee that this apron will make you super in the kitchen, make you faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, or be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. It will definitely make sure you don't get any food on you during cooking and washing up.

Wonder woman Apron
Work wonders in the kitchen with this bright and bold Wonder Woman design apron.

DIY Sneaker Art kit
ever wanted more colourful sneakers? well this kit will help u do exactly that:)

and some cool clothes:)

Create a contrast with this retro style dress by Johann Earl featuring banded waist with heart design mesh insert at the front and back yoke.

Do you love your heels, but can't quite bring yourself to part with the comfort of your pumps? Well panic over, because Ash have had the genius idea that is this pair of wedge heel canvas ankle boots featuring multi-buckle design and side zip closure; finished with contrast mid-sole and toe cap.

lots more coming ur way, here at Ling's blog:)

Song Of The Day!!

hi, i'm finally back for more song of the day!!

JAR OF HEARTS-Christina Perri(love this song) Lyrics video: Music video:


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

still on toilet paper holders....

we're still on toilet paper holders!fun and a great way to decorate ur toilet:)
robot toilet paper holder
now u'll never find the bathroom boring again!!

available at Gift Zen.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Cute toilet roll holders!!

these are not monsters, they're toilet roll holders!! sure, one for $6.90 might seem expensive, but this is the price u have to pay for cuteness in ur bathroom:)

get these at G-Market.

earbud holders!

cute kawaii stuff - earphone holders

have u ever had problems with keeping ur earbuds?? well now wif these guys, u'll stay neat and tidy:)
Available for purchase at

Etsy Search-beadpassion

i mentioned beadpassion on an earlier post here. but its just so cute that it deserves a proper post:)
Rainbow Cookie Bracelet
Rainbow Cookie Bracelet
ahh, this makes me have a sudden craving for rainbow cookies! its a bracelet and the pair of earrings come with the bracelet for FREE!!

available here.

Fruit topped Pink Mini Cupcake Pendant
Introducing mini cupcake pendant. In creamy frosting, topped with kiwi, strawberry, banana, blue berry. lemon and peach. With mint leaves, sugar sprinkles and wafer stick.

available here.

Fruit Waffle Ring

another fruity piece!!

available here.

Mini Fruit Sundae Cupcake Pendant - Pick one

5 cute cupcake pendants , but u can only pick one:)

available here.

Chocolate Cookie Cellphone Charm
Just the yummiest looking chocolate cookie to charm your cellphone!

available here.
and now less sweet things , more SUSHI!!
Ikura Sushi Earrings
all i can say is yummmy!!

available here.

California Maki Sushi Stud Earrings
A pair of california maki stud earrings, perfect for sushi lovers.

available here.

Sushi Stitch Markers (Set of 8)
Yummy sushi stitch markers, set of 8. Featuring ebi, tuna maki, futomaki, salmon, tamago, ika (with lemon), tako, ikura (with cucumber). all for only $10.75!!

available here.

that's all i've got for today!!

have fun and enjoy!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today's theme-Ice cream(from etsy)

Cute Ice Cream Cone Wood Tile Domed Resin Pendant BUY 2 GET 1 FREE (4437)
now this is post is about ice cream and this one is so cute!! how could i not include it here!!!

get this here.

GRAND OPENING SALE --- Pink and Blue Ice Cream Cone Charm Necklace
i have never seen an ice cream cone with ice cream this color before!!

available here.

Vanilla ice cream earrings
vanilla ice cream - a classic:)

get these here.

Ice Cream Scoop Necklace by Kawaii Culture
ice cream genius!! btw, this is my fav flavor of ice cream:)

available here.

Ice Cream Scoop Ring
strawberry ic cream is nice , but i like it when its not to sweet:)

get this here.

Cute Lolita Polk a Dots Resin Kawaii Ice Cream Cone Earrings Free Worldwide Shipping OOAK
ohm nom nom.... tasty!!

available here.

Happy Necklace
an ice cream girl, what could be cuter?? the things ppl come up with these days... brilliant:)

get her here.

that's all the ice cream i can take for today, see ya!!