Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Song Of The Day !!

now few songs off Katy Perry new album,Teenage Dream.

CIRCLE THE DRAIN - Katy Perry ( this song has a few bad words.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvN_TxfVwTo


Monday, August 30, 2010

Etsy Search - Acrylicana

Music Black n White Shoes Women's 7US 4.5UK 37.5EUR 5.5AUS

Music Black n White Shoes Women's 7US 4.5UK 37.5EUR 5.5AUS
ever thought of cute shoes? like these shoes? with a super cute print on it!!

Cupcake Pin
A delightful high quality acrylic charm designed by acrylicana adorns this sweet silver plated pin. Charm measures 1" (2.54cm).

get it here .

SALE Rainbow Music Heart Necklace 24 inches

if ur a cupcake lover, Acrylicana is definitely for u, so is this necklace:)

SALE Sushi Memo Pad

this memo pad is great for writing down recipes if you love cooking.
hurry up and grab it here now.

CLEARANCE Strawberry Cake Pin
and another pin , a strawberry cake one:)

Sweeties Chucks Womens 8.5US 6UK 39EUR
handpainted sneakers also by Acrylicana.
SALE Chocolate Covered Strawberry Necklace 24 inches
i personally love chocolate coated strawberry, and this necklace is so delicious!!
go here to get it .

Heart Cookie Barrette
a heart cookies barrette, what could be sweeter?

go get it here while stocks last.

SALE Blondie Profile Fancy Frame Ring
this must be the cutest ring at Acrylicana thats suitable for ALL females, be it girl or woman:) very practical:)

Rainbow Zebra Bow Necklace 18 inches

a cute n' vibrant necklace , great for any fun outift:)

get it here.

Cakey Time Sticker Sheet

and before showing u the cute prints here on Acrylicana, i have to show this cute cake stickers!!

and now, some cute prints from Acrylicana:

Sip of Summer 4x6 giclee Print

Rainbow Works 4x6 giclee Print

Toaster Pastries 4x6 giclee Print

Legitimate Hat 4x6 giclee Print

Rain Girl 4x6 giclee Print
OoOoOoOoh 5x7 giclee Print

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Handmade things by me!!

after lots of preparation, i 've come up wif my own scrapbook of my designs:) here's a few pics of it, cuz its not entirely finished yet..

here's the first page of it:

and the second pg :

a closer look at the designs on the second page:

and the third page(unfinished)

and a closer look on the third pg designs:

that's all i've got for now, but keep updated here at Ling's Blog:)

Song Of The Day !!

JUST THE WAY YOU ARE - Bruno Mars http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=921P-3bdTAU

just one song for today:)

Etsy Search- LoveLeeSoaps

Fruity Bear Gummy Soap Set
dun be fooled by these gummy bears, cuz they aren't your ordinary gummy bears, they're soaps!!!

Ice Cream Soap-Choose Your Color
and yes, these are also soaps , 3 flavors to choose from : Vanilla , Strawberry and Chocolate!
go here to place your delicious order now.

Cute as a button soap set
and soap buttons for the crafty ones , right here.

Ice Cream Scoop Soap Set
if u want more of ice cream soaps , u could get these scoops topped with gummy bears ,chocolate fudge and rainbow sprinkles.

Cinnamon Gingerbread Man Soap
this is great for as a christmas gift , stocking stuffer or maybe even something for yourself:)

get it here.

Vanilla Marshmallow Soap Set
These marshmalows look so real you will want to pop them into your mouth! Each one is made with moisturizing shea butter and has the added scent of vanilla.

SALE--Chocolate Creme Filled Cookie Sandwich Boxed Set--LAST ONE
and this one's for the choco lovers!

get them here.

Cherry Almond Whipped Body Butter
This fun creamy whipped body butter is just what your body is looking for! It comes in the cutest pink pig container and has a delicious cherry almond scent added. It is so thick and moisturizing which makes it perfect for the face, hands, feet, cuticles, legs, and elbows. You will be surprised at how long this jar will last you. Apply a small amount and just rub it in. It is especially effective after bathing or showering when your skin is still warm and damp:)

Frosted Mini Cupcake Soap Set
These delicious cupcakes are so cute! There are 4 different designs in each pack that look good enough to eat! just be sure not to let any babies into your bathroom now then, they might just eat it....

Juicy Strawberry Bar with exfoliating strawberry seeds

and now something subtle to top it off.a strawberry soap bar;)

keep updated on this blog for more cool stuff.

Fifi Lapin

copyright of fifi lapin

Fifi Lapin is a furry, rich and fashionable bunny.she loves to pamper herself by buying clothes for herself.

you can check out her blog here.

and her shop here.

Fifi Lapin: summer rain
get this fifi lapin print here .
Fifi looks fantastic today. I am partial to a little vintage myself.

and pre-order fifi lapin's new book tht is coming in September!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vivi Dot

Solid Raspberry Ring
Solid Raspberry RingSolid Teal Ring
These fabric button rings are made with a deep raspberry fabric and a deep teal fabric that will add a pop of color to any outfit. All rings include a 1-inch button face attached to a silver-plated, adjustable ring.

Mad For Polka Dots Watch NecklacesTri Color Foliage Watch Necklace
Branches In Bloom Watch NecklaceMetallic Hearts Watch Necklace
Mad For Polka Dots Watch NecklacesMod Dots Watch Necklace
Vivid Stigma Watch NecklaceTeal and Purple Scallopped Watch Necklace
have u ever needed to check the time but u forgot to bring your watch? well, now with these watch necklaces , u'll stay fashionable and be on time !!

Blue Pinwheel Ring
Blue Pinwheel Ring
This fabric button ring features a whimsical blue, periwinkle, and white pinwheel. The fabric used is a Vivi Dot original designed especially for this item. All rings include a 1-inch button face attached to a silver-plated, adjustable ring.

Ishihara Dots Ring
Ishihara Dots Ring
i love these little dots everywhere!! these colours match well, and i just love this ring:)

Pinwheel Hair Pins
Pinwheel Hair Pins
and here are matching hair pins to match the ring!!

keep updated on this blog for more cute and fashionable things and music to blend it all!!