Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

Song Of The Day!!


new updates on shanalogic + more cool stuff!!

Tiny Cloud Stud Earrings

Tiny Cloud Stud Earrings (new arrival)

Sooooo cute!!

Check out these completely over-the-top adorable stud earrings featuring perfect smiling little clouds!! They're so tiny and their fluffiness and cute expressions make them the perfect 'everyday' earrings.

Retro Block Hairclips - Pink

Retro Block Hairclips - Pink

So retro cute!

These silver-toned bobbies featuring your favorite childhood building blocks are perfect for sweeping back your bangs, accenting braids and ponytails or sticking in a bun. They're so cute AND a great find! Two come in a pair.

Image of Black Cat & Fishbone Necklace
Aww look, this sweet little black cat has been out hunting and returned with a nice little gift. Why thank you Mr.Cat - I will treasure this delightful smelly fishbone forever and ever!

get it while its still in stock!!

Image of Gnarly Narwhal Necklace
This cute little narwhal necklace comes in either blue or black - just like real narwhals! Hmm...
Blue narwhal is joined by his trusty black umbrella and a tiny white heart charm.

Image of Skull Stud Earrings
Image of Skull Stud Earrings
You may have noticed Kookizu likes a cute skull! These little studs will add a touch of scary/cute to your look. Choose from plain skulls or extra cute ones with tiny 3D sparkly bow decorations.

Image of Skull & Crossbones Rings
a ring version of the earring skulls (also available with bow)

come back soon to check for more updates on songs, cute stuff and fashion.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Song Of The Day!!

today's songs r a mix of chinese and english songs.


Friday, July 23, 2010

Song Of The Day!!


also check out the Youtube edition of We Are The World 25 haiti :


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kawaii Necklaces

Yummy Ice Cream NecklaceYummy Ice Cream Necklace

Yummy Ice Cream Necklace

Mmmmmmmm....... YUMMY!

These lovely large yummy ice cream pendants looks so fab!

An absolute 100% piece of Kawaii Jewellery!

Comes with a 20" silver chain.

3 flavours available for you to choose from!

go to

check out all these super kawaii stuff here:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Song Of The Day !!

just one more ndp song


and a pretty old Ashlee Simpson song..

Friday, July 16, 2010

Song Of The Day!!


and since NDP is coming, i'll post a few National Day songs !!

my all time favourite ,

and the theme song for this year's YOG with Tabitha Nauser(singapore idol) and Sean Kingston !!

and last year's NDP theme song



Wednesday, July 14, 2010


theatrical image

check out this cool tee!! its called playful kisses over broken hearts. buy one now at

theatrical image
A cute magical creature.
3/4 Sleeve Raglan Style. go to

theatrical image
PANICPOPsicle Logo shirt finally here!
Stay classy instead of nasty. go to

theatrical image
You're with stupid but Im with Panda!
The biggest panda shirt ever! go to

to check out more stuff from panicpop, go to

Monday, July 12, 2010

Song Of The Day !!

I SEE YOU - Leona Lewis


soda pack
Soda is really good, but only in small quantities; well how much smaller can you get than these cute buttons! Four 1" pinback buttons made especially for you from kawaii japanese paper; each button has a protective mylar covering (it also makes it shiny)!

citris clutch
A two pleat clutch in fabric featuring oh so many citris fruits! Heavily interfaced for durability, lined with a neutral gray, metal zipper. Each clutch comes with a removable faceted bead with double jumprings (so it won't unexpectedly fall off). Darts on the bottom make the bag expandable! Top of clutch measures approximately 6.5" (~16.5 cm), bottom 7.5" (~19cm) height 6" (~15cm) and depth 1.5" (~3.5"), so lotsa stuff fits inside!

flower path clutch
A two pleat clutch made with beautiful fabric featuring flower paths! A button cluster of three makes this clutch so fun.! Heavily interfaced for durability, lined with lime green, with a plastic zipper.

Car traffic bag
Cars vroom around in traffic! My newest design; for people who love the more sophisticated look of a clutch but also like the simplicity of a zippered pouch! Plus, it's got kawaii buttons! Fully lined with a magenta fabric, with heavy interfacing of course.

animal meadow  bag
These animals love playing in the colorful meadow! Fully lined with a brown fabric, with heavy interfacing of course. go to

also check out the Berrysprite blogspot :


With Buddy Chub on your iPhone you’ll be sure to make new friends wherever you go. The FriendsWithYou magical skins are the best way to let everyone know you are all powerful, so good luck !!

Mr. Phantom X iPod Classic Skin
Whether you’re into music, podcasts, or books on tape, Mr. Phantom X makes listening a million times cooler.
check out the friendswithyou website here

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Song Of The Day!!



Cute silk top dress with jeans style body featuring button detail on bodace and pleat hem.

Colours: Black or Blue

go to

Tie dye quarter length jeans with crease effect on legs.
go to

Cute floral strapless dress elasticated at top and waist for perfect fit. So chic and elegant.
Choices: Pattern Black, Pattern Beige or Floral Beige
Material: Chiffon and net yarn

Ladies floaty sleeve check dress with contrasting black waistband with button effect.

Material: Chiffon

Stunning silk empire waisted evening gown with pin tuck bust detail. Features pleated waistband and floaty long sided skirt.

Material: Imported Silk Yarn

go to

Quirky short sleeve evening dress with net underskirt detail.
Colours: Black or Red

go to

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Song Of The Day!!



Baby loves Pink

Buy all 3 super cute peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and share with your best friends! Perfect gift for your bff :)

available here.

Scented Sprinkled Chocolate Donut Necklace ( Large )

This super cute sprinkled donut necklace really smells like real donuts! Donut is chocolate dipped with rainbow color sprinkles on top.the donut is soft and squishy. Comes in a cute hostess cupcake gift box!

available here.

Strawberry Truffle Necklace

Sweet Strawberry Truffle Necklace! Cute little strawberry cream filled chocolate. This sweet piece of candy is made of strong polymer clay.

available here.

Cupcake Necklace (Large)

u know, personally i think cupcakes are the most kawaii kind of food, weird thing is , i hate eating it:) comes in 3 flavours.

available here.

Rainbow Sprinkled Donut Necklace

Donuts again, but it's a different flavour, slightly different. looks yummy, ohm nom nom!!

available here.

Sweet Parfait Necklace

i also love ice cream sundaes!! these look a bit like the ones they sell at McDonald's , yummy!!

available here.

Sweet Rainbow Lollipop Necklace

i've tried this really big lollipop that looks like this and it was so big, i couldn't even finish eating it, ever since then, i never dared to eat those kinds of lollipops again:)

available here.

Yummy Burger Necklace

i have a classmate that LOVES LITERALLY everything at McDonald's, especially burgers:) like this one!!

available here.

Chocolate Cookie Stud Earrings

do u love cookies? now u can have them on ur ears!! with in 2 flavours to choose from(shown above)

available here.

Icecream Sandwich Earrings

I love icecream sandwiches! This pair of earring is perfect for icecream sandwich lovers out there. Please don't eat this one though!

available here.

all available at Baby Loves Pink:)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Made Up Word Of The Day!!

today's made up words :

SALKI (pronounce as salk- key)

BLOKY(pronounce as block-key)

have fun!!

Song Of The Day !!



Rings Galore!!

Leafy Tree Silhouette.  Handpainted Art Ring.
isn't this ring cool, and its water resistant too!! and adjustable!! to buy it go to

dreams of provence . a rose bouquet lace ring
a snowy rose bouquet,
soft french lavender color,
beneath frosty winter ice,
a dusty matte texture.

a filigree ring,
antiqued, lace,
lovely detailed.

bond together to form this magical, romantic and feminine ring so feminine that is fit for a princess.sturdy and tough, lace ring is malleable enough to withstand the size adjustment.

rose bouquet is bonded to the antiqued lace ring with industrial strength glue that dries clear. go to

Bold Green and Brown Glass Pearl Oversized Cluster Ring
This statement ring is made up of several sizes of glass pearls in a variety of earthy greens and browns clustered and bunched together on an adjustable ring base. This unique ring will certainly make a statement. The ring adjusts up from approximately a size 6.5, which makes it perfect for switching around from finger to finger depending on your mood. go to

SALE - Ring Around The Rosies.  Handpainted Art Ring.
Simple, yet bright enough to stand out and draw attention.

Perfectly iconic, white rice wrapped in seaweed, with a variety of
fillings! It's a popular (and cute!) food from Japan.

Laser cut printed acrylic, adjustable ring band fits all sizes. go to

Tiny Loves.  Handpainted Art Ring.

Cute and simple.go to

Cosmic Crescendo.  Handpainted Art Ring.

Bold and fun!go to