Saturday, November 19, 2011

Moustache Madness:D

hi guys, in case you didn't know, i'm pretty obsessed with moustaches now:) i don't actually like real hairy moustaches, i like moustache related things, like jewelry,plushies, etc. cuz the fake moustaches are really cute i find:) so today i went online and i managed to find some of my favourite moustache related things! here they are!!

1. Moustache Double Ring

i really like double rings, i think they add a fresh twist to the normal one fingered rings:) and they're really cute! i'm quite obsessed with rings on the whole, and i actually bought this moustache double ring not long ago, it's really easy to match. it'll definitely add a cute touch to any outfit:)

Moustache Double Ring available at Ebay.

2. Moustache Necklace
Black Moustache Necklace .. English Gentleman Movember Vintage Pendant

other than rings, they also have moustache necklaces!! Awesome!! i actually saw one at a Diva outlet near my house yesterday, it was the last piece left so i grabbed it and went to pay for it:) it's really cute and worth the money!! it's also easy matching^-^

Moustache Necklace available at Etsy.

3. Moustache Cursor

yes, now you can actually get a moustache cursor for your computer!!! how great is the Internet man! love it<3

Moustache Cursor available for download at Cursors4u.

4. I Heart Moustaches T-Shirt

if you're a moustache fanatic like myself, you can now let the world know it:) by the power of a teeshirt!!! i personally love tees with a message, and a cute one at that:) so this t-shirt is a must-have for me! o.O

I Heart Moustaches T-Shirt available at

5. Blue Octopus Moustache Plush
Blue Octopus Plush Toy with Moustache

what better to cuddle up with than a octopus moustache plush? like seriously, it's an octopus with a moustache! CUTE MAX!!! and it's in my fave colour, BLUE:) 2 of my fave things rolled into one!! Awesome^-^

Blue Octopus Plush available at Etsy.

6. Moustache Mug

even your mug can be stylish:) just add a moustache on it and your good to go! this definitely will stand out among the crowd:D

Moustache Mug available at SloganMugs.


okay, see you guys in the next post!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ku-ki Shop

hey guys:) sorry i haven't updated for a while, been really busy organizing everything for my graduation. i hope you'll forgive me cuz i cant blog daily:/ but today i'm back with a super cute shop i found:) it's called Ku-ki Shop, and it sells a whole bunch of handmade cute jewelry!! come check it out!

first up, we have this super kawaii(and not to mention irresistible) pair of bunny ice cream earrings!! how cute is that! if you wear it, you'll surely stand out among the crowd! :)

Bunny Ice Cream Earrings available here.

next, we have another fellow bunny ice cream friend:) but this one's a necklace and it's pink:) oh so cute!!! in falling in love with,like, all the stuff at Ku-ki Shop!!<3 it!

Pink Bunny Ice Cream Necklace available here.

this charm bracelet is definitely one of my favourites:) i just love all the pastel colours:) it's just so pretty!! reminds me of rainbows:D

Rainbow Pastel Bears Charm Bracelet available here.

OMG!!! i just saw this, and it's so so so cute!! i love the whole vintage feel of this necklace;) and a plus point is that it's a locket!! MY FAVE!!! <3 this necklace man, seriously, what's there not to love about it? it even has the Alice in Wonderland characters inside the locket!!

Alice In Wonderland Locket Necklace available here.

now isn't this the cutest air of earrings ever!! sticking to the Alice In Wonderland theme again(yays), Ku-ki Shop presents you with this uber kawaii pair of ear studs^-^ featuring Alice and The White Rabbit:D what's there not to love about it?

Alice In Wonderland Ear Studs available here.

not exactly the normal cute jewelry you see in Ku-ki Shop, but i love it how it's so vintage looking! i'm pretty obsessed with rings right now, especially these kind! <3ing it!

Vintage Flower Ring available here.

Okay, that's all for today:) be sure to check out Ku-ki Shop!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cath Kidston Floral Sneakers:)

hey guys:) So my birthday is coming up and my sister asked me what i wanted for my birthday, normally i wouldn't know what exactly i wanted, but this time i did.

If you guys know me, you would know i'm obsessed with floral prints(still!!its been a year already haha). So you would never believe how happy i was when i spotted these pair of pretty Cath Kidston floral print sneakers!!

I personally think these sneakers are uber-cute:) and it'll be a great addition to my floral print collection:) and my sister bought them from the site, she said it'd already arrived at her apartment!! super excited to the max!! and who else is loving all the vintage Cath Kidston iPhone covers?! <3 Cath Kidston!!

Cath Kidston Floral Sneakers available here.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Today's Theme-Locket Necklaces(from Etsy)

hi guys, sorry I haven't been updating my blog for so long:( It's actually because I was away for a pretty long while in Shanghai, but more on that later. So today, i'm back and i'm gonna be sharing with you my latest obsession-Locket Necklaces. i think they're really cute and sentimental, you can put pictures of people who are close to your heart, or carve a message in it. i feel like it's a very very meaningful piece of jewelry:) that's why i love it! the next few locket necklaces i'm about to show you are all from Etsy.

Image Locket with Small Red Peacock Feather on 14kt Gold Filled Chain

Image Locket with Small Red Peacock Feather on 14kt Gold Filled Chain
so first up is this really cute simple peacock feather,red locket necklace. I personally think this is a uber sweet necklace, it's very unique too, and there's only one available, so nobody will have the same one as you:) Get it before it's out of stock!

Red Peacock Feather Locket Necklace available here.

Vintage Locket, Long, Turquoise And Pink Flowers Necklace

next up is this very vintage-looking locket. i totally love it;) from the intricate carving on the locket to the little details like the pink and blue beads, everything about it is so pretty! definitely worth the money:)

Vintage Locket Necklace available here.

Vintage Locket. Lilac Purple Flower and Black Lace Filigree Locket Necklace

this locket here is one of the pretty rare ones that are made mostly with fabric, not metal. so you don't have to worry about the whole thing rusting. i think this is a very sweet vintage locket, and i think the purple Lilac flower adds just the right pop of colour to it:)

Vintage Purple Lilac Locket Necklace available here.

Rose heart locket necklace in antique brass

another cute locket, but this one's heart shaped;) i kinda like the heart lockets more than the circular ones, but overall, both kinds are really sweet though! this one here has a rose design carved on it and some cute little beads, very beautiful:)

Rose Heart Locket Necklace available here.

Art Locket Necklace-Groovy Multi Color Peace Sign-h203

Art Locket Necklace-Groovy Multi Color Peace Sign-h203

now this is what i call a unique locket necklace. hardly do i ever see peace lockets!! this is so cool! loving it! the artwork is amazing, and it is so worth it for the price! :)

Peace Sign Locket Necklace available here.

Art Locket Necklace-Flower Power-h201

another beautiful locket from the same shop, damn, i just love their artwork on the lockets!! so much effort taken! Respect:) their lockets are one of a kind, meaning you'll never see anyone with the same one:) how awesome is that?! ^-^

Floral Locket Necklace available here.

okay, that's all from me for today:) I hope you guys liked these locket necklaces as much as i did:) they're all really pretty, and they're all handmade,how awesome can this get?! ^-^

see you guys on the next post, bye!

be sure to keep updated here at Ling's Blog:)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday to Ling's Blog!

hi guys, if you remember, a year ago, i wrote a post about the 1st birthday of Ling's Blog:) and well, i suddenly remembered, 6 September is my blog's birthday!! kinda a month late but better late than never;)

First off, i would like to thank everyone for their support towards my blog for the past 2 years:) the number of followers have increased a lot since i first started, so to everyone who followed or even took the time to read my blog, thank you so very much!!

To my family, thank you for letting me start my blog, i remember this blog used to be full of random posts of daily life, the way it blossomed is beautiful:) thank you to all my friends, especially my BFF Rachel,for being my loyal confidante:)


Ipod Nano and Ipad Cover

a few days after i posted the iPhone cover post, i received a comment asking me if i could do a post on iPod and iPad covers. So here it is:)

Ipod Nano Covers

so the first Ipod Nano Cover is one of my faves:) cuz it's Rilakkuma(yes,i'm obsessed)!! and i've seen this cover around a lot, so it's probably really popular;) i mean, come on, how can you resist this?? ^-^

Rilakkuma Ipod Nano Cover available here.

next up, we have this uber cute Chococat Ipod Nano Cover:) it's really really adorable yet simple, this'll make your Ipod Nano stand up among the crowd!

Chococat Ipod Nano Cover available here.

here is a really cute angel Ipod Nano cover:) they actually have this for Iphones too and i personally think this is really attractive:) and it's really cheap too!!

Angel Ipod Nano Cover available here.

i don't know why but there's just something really cute about this cover:) i don't know if it's just me but i really like it:) In fact, i <3 rainbows!!

Rainbow Tie Dye Ipod Cover available here.

polka dots red skin for iPod nano (4th gen) skin

Right now, polka dots are really trendy:) and i personally really love them! and i would love to have this Ipod Nano cover, totally awesome!!

Polka Dot Ipod Nano Cover available here.

Ipad Covers

Sanrio Hello Kitty Apple iPad Cover: Comic
Sanrio Hello Kitty Apple iPad Cover: Comic

this is so cute!! can't stand it!! urghhs! i wish i could get this Ipad cover haha it's just so adorable don't you think? ^-^ in <3 with it!!

Hello Kitty Ipad Cover available here.

more Rilakkuma!! ~yay~ this is seriously wayyy too cute:) love! just a little bit inconvenient because there's no stand but i think it's fine cuz the kawaii-ness makes up for it:)

Rilakkuma Ipad Cover available here.

what else says cute than Paul Frank? all their stuff are really kawaii;) and so so so adorable!! i don't know why but this case kinda reminds me of Captain America, because of the stripes:) adds on to the cuteness!!

Paul Frank Ipad Cover available here.

okay, that's all i got for today:) stay tuned okay? because i'll try to update my blog daily:) to all those who followed, thank you so much!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hannah Zakari

hello:) happy Monday guys!! i posted 2 posts in a day yesterday:) starting to get back on track>.< now, today i have a another really cute shop to introduce to you guys:) it's called Hannah Zakari, they sell jewellery, prints and more,all made from independent designers!! really worth taking a look at, so let's check it out!

first up we have this really sweet locket necklace:) i'm like totally obsessed with locket necklaces right now:) they're so cute and trendy!! this one is very unique, with stars on it, complete with a moon:) really gonna put this on my wishlist!

Starry Locket available here.

if you guys didn't know, i actually really believe in spreading love and peace:) i have a peace necklace myself, and it's really nice! this one looks similar:)i really like these peace necklaces, i think they're really good statement pieces:)

Brass Peace Necklace available here.

as you guys know, i'm really into floral prints, i'm literally dying to get this necklace!! arghhs!! its sooo cute man! i love the sweet peach colour on it:)

Chintzy Floral Heart Necklace available here.

i wouldn't say i'm a big fan of brooches, mostly because i never use them. but this one is just irresistible!! it's just so cute^-^

Cute Naughty Vampire Heart Brooch available here.

these cards are great for people who love to cook. they can write down recipes and instructions, and ingredients:) it's really convenient!!

Squirrel and Rabbit Recipe Cards available here.

Cat TO DO LIST notepad by boygirlparty, bowtie kitty cat note pad memo list organizer - cat stationery office gift

i'm the type of person that loves to write a to do list, and this to do list is not only cute, but makes writing to do list more easy:)and i find it really helps all those forgetful people accomplish their day's errands.

Cat To Do List available here.

much more cute stuff at Hannah Zakari:)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Etsy Search-Roseycheekes

hi guys, i'm back with another cute Etsy store to share with you guys:) this store is called Roseycheekes and they basically sell paper goods and prints, all of their stuff all ultra cute:) kawaii to the max!!

so let's come check it out!!

Cute Octopus Balloon Girl Donut Postcards (Set of 3)

first up we have this uber cute set of 3 postcards:) one is of a really cute chubby octopus, another of a sweet girl ontop of a balloon, and the last one is of a donut with a little cute white fluffy thing in it:) awesome:) and u get all these cute postcards for just $5.50 USD!!

Set of 3 Cute Postcards available here.

Two Bookmarks
now here are 2 super adorable bookmarks:) it's a girl and a boy:) they look so sweet!! awwww.....*heart melts* it comes as a set for only $3.50,they can make really good gifts too:)

Set of 2 Cute Bookmarks available here.

Mushroom Spores Print

i have never seen mushrooms look this cute:) this print is just freaking cute!! i would totally buy it<3!!

Cute Mushroom Print available here.

Cute Stickers (4 sheets)
see what i mean?! this store is full of cuteness!! <3 these cute stickers:) comes as a set of 4, u can stick them on letters,boxes, and even your forehead!! ^-^

Set of 4 Cute Stickers available here.

Cute Tea and Coffee Postcards (Set of 3)

here's another set of 3 postcards and they're all coffee and tea related:) and they're still as cute as ever!!

Set of 3 Cute Coffee and Tea Postcards available here.

Owl Pyramid

awww.... check out these cuddly owls! haha they're forming a pyramid and it seems like one of them at the bottom can't take it for much longer:) ~ultra kawaii~

Cute Owl Pyramid Print available here.

and that's all i've got for now:) be sure to check out Roseycheekes store!

Etsy Search-Egyptianruin

hi guys, im back with more cuteness:) today's post is on a kawaii shop at Etsy. it's called Egyptianruin, and they basically sell a lot of jewellery and accessories, its really cute:)

So let's come check it out!!

Large Gentleman Octopus Necklace
so first up we have this really cute octopus necklace:) i love it how it has a moustache!! argghhs soo cute man:)

Octopus Necklace available here.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Best Friend Necklace Set
the next necklace(well, necklaces) is this Peanut Butter and Jelly one. it's actually a pair for BFF'S and it's so cute and yummy:) those eyes get me man....>.<

Peanut Butter and Jelly BFF Necklace Pair available here.

Swan Octopus Necklace
another cute octopus necklace here:) it's dressed in swan costume, awww.... so chubby and cute!! i feel like buying it!! squeee!

Octopus in Swan Costume necklace available here.

Black Ninjapus Ninja Octopus Necklace
ninjas!! i love them:) so cute!! i love this necklace,heck, i love all of Egpytianruin's necklaces:) could this get any cuter?! ^-^

Ninja Necklace available here.

So Cool Octopus Pinback Button Set
now here are some cute octopus badges for you guys to enjoy:) its a full set and the 5 badges only cost $5 USD! cheap and cute:)

Set of 5 Octopus Badges available here.

Mochipus Mochi Octopus 2 Inch Vinyl Sticker
Lastly, we have here this uber cute,again, octopus vinyl sticker:) its a print of 2 cute octopuses, one orange, one white:) can't get any cuter than this!!

Octopus Vinyl Sticker available here.

okay, that's all for now! bye guys:) let the cuteness spread!!