Thursday, December 31, 2009

Song Of The Day!!

So to everyone , Happy New Year and today's song is ....." Home Sweet Home" by Carrie Underwood, here's the link( so enjoy!!

rockgirl.jpg rock girl image by shaza_127

Happy New Year!!!

Hi guys, guess what? It's New Year Day!! A new year in 2010!! Here are more pics to celebrate and a special surprise ...

okay here's the special surprise.... TADA!!
A New Year Cake!! Yummy!!

P.S. Lunar New Year is coming soon too , that's the Chinese New Year to u and see u there !!

Happy New Year!!

To Cherubics:

Hi guys, i'm so happy cuz i'm gonna be reunited with my best friend!! On the last day of school, me and my best friend thought that we were both gonna be separated because we both were good at some other subject and somehow we didn't expect to be in the same class next year. But i guess fate brought us together... or was it just luck?

Anyway i'd like to dedicate this post to my best friend so let me remissness......
the first day she came to my house , she was so amazed by my garden and all my plants , we had so much fun together. Through the thick and thin , the bad days , the best days... ahhhhh............

Thank you so much, u know who u are , may our friendship last forevermore!!!

friends-forever.gif friends forever image by chasmarcum

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Song Of The Day!!

Hi, in case i forget, here's today's Song of The Day......"Raining Sunshine " by Miranda Cosgrove .This song was featured in the movie Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs .

Happy New Year's Eve!!

Hi guys , u all should know that today is New Year's Eve!!!! So here are some links to random chinese songs and pics to celebrate New Year's Eve .




Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Song Of The Day!!

Hi i'm back with the Song Of The Day!! Today's song is...."Like Whoa " by Aly and Aj ,here's the link(


A Story of Birthstones...

Hi guys,here are the 12 different birthstones for all the different months.

January : Garnet

Characteristics of the Garnet include consistency, endurance, creativity and patience. Although the Garnet is traditionally red in color, the stone ranges from a colorless hue to black but does not come in blue. Garnet is the daily gemstone for Tuesday and the planetary gemstone for the zodiac sign of Scorpio.


Modern: Amethyst

Meanings associated with the Amethyst are sincerity, intuition and motivation. A member of the Quartz family, the Amethyst is thought to calm nerves and emotions and provide mental clarity. The Amethyst is the daily gemstone for Thursday.


Modern: Aquamarine

The Aquamarine depicts courage, creativity, health, perception and hope. It is also associated with awareness and spiritual energy. Aquamarine is the planetary gemstone for the zodiac sign of Pisces.


Modern: Diamond

The diamond symbolizes innocence, eternity, courage and health. The purest of all the gemstones and the hardest substance known to man, the diamond has an ability to reflect light, which many believe increases personal clarity of the mind and body. Diamonds are the daily gemstone of Saturday.


Modern: Emerald

Love, success, happiness and goodness are some of the meanings associated with the Emerald. Many believe that wearing an Emerald brings life, heals mental and emotional causes of physical illness. The Emerald is the daily gemstone for Friday and the birthstone for the zodiac sign of Taurus.


Modern: Pearl

The Pearl stands for faith, charity, innocence, health and peace. These organic gemstones are believed to aid anger issues and increase creativity. The Pearl is the daily gemstone for Monday.


Modern: Ruby

Characteristics of the Ruby include nobility, love, contentment, enthusiasm and strength. Rubies are thought to open the heart and promote love, allowing joy to come to those who wear it. The Ruby is the gemstone for the Zodiac sign of Scorpio.


Modern: Peridot

Success, peace, married happiness, luck and courage are associated with the Peridot. A symbol of a pure heart and mind, the Peridot also stands for innocence and faith.


Modern: Sapphire

The Sapphire symbolizes clear thinking, wisdom, serenity, purity and truth. Many believe that those who wear the Sapphire are better able to distinguish between the mind and the spiritual self, enhancing mental clarity. The Sapphire is the daily gemstone for Wednesday.


Learning about birthstones and their meaning continues with the month of October.

Modern: Opal

The Opal stands for hope, purity, health and innocence. Many believe that those who wear the Opal will be treated to a greater understanding of life's possibilities and will discover new and different views of the world they live in. Opals are also believed to assist in healing.


Modern: Topaz

Courage, fidelity, wisdom and serenity are the characteristics of the Topaz. These gems are associated with mental clarity and focus and many believe that those who wear them will experience a reduction in mood swings and worries.


Birthstones and their meaning continues with the gems of December.

Modern: Blue Zircon

Meanings associated with the Blue Zircon are success, love, luck, happiness and prosperity. Zircons are thought to increase intuition, durability and steadiness. Many believe that those who wear the Zircon will experience a decrease in depression and insomnia.

Read more abt ur birthstone!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Song Of The Day!

Hello peeps, okay i missed yesterday's song again, i know so here it is ..."It's Not Over" by Chris Daughtry who won an earlier season of American Idol . Here's the link

And today's song is ..."Live Like We're Dying" by Kris Allen who, by the way ,also won American Idol.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Singapore Idol Winner...

Hi guys, for those of u who watch Singapore Idol, u might know that Sezairi Sezali won right?

Well, some ppl think that Sezairi Sezali did not deserve to win and others think otherwise.But i just really wanted Sylvia Ratonel to win cuz i think she's a lot better than Sezairi in terms of vocals as Sylvia 's voice is a bit stronger than his. I never really thought much of Sezairi but i knew for one that i didn't exactly like his voice ....

I'm not criticiziing him , i'm just saying... but i guess Sezairi has a few more supporters than Sylvia .

So at the end of the day, it's the guy with the most supporters that wins.

Song Of The Day!!

Hi amigos, since i missed yesterday's song, i will , as usual , make up for it. So here it is ... ''Just Dance " by Lady Gaga.

Warning: For those of u who are slightly older than some or who do not like pop , rock or hardcore music , i suggest u shouldn' t listen to this song.

Here's the link(

And today's song is ''Replay" by Iyaz,the same conditions apply for this song in the second paragraph but anyhow , here's the link(


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bye Bye Korea!

Hi, i just reached Singapore and i guess that's the end of this vacation for u and i didn't know it would be this fast!!

Anyway this post is quite short so bye!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Hi guys! So its Christmas today and as promised, here are the links to some christmas carols.






It's Christmas Eve!!

Hi guys, i just realized that it's Christmas Eve!! My parents are gonna buy a cake to celebrate(for fun) and to those of u reading this, merry christmas !!!

Here's are some links to songs like christmas carols so enjoy and have a happy christmas eve!!




take these as Songs Of The Day and on the real christmas day , there will be a whole lot more!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Went to Doota!!

Hi, okay today we went to this big shopping mall called Doota. Personally, i really liked shopping there cuz they have a lot of nice accessories and i bought this really cute navy blue hairband with a rose on the side.

I didn't manage to get a nice pair of skinny jeans but i got this extra soft and furry vest thingy. Oh, i also got this gingerbread man clip .

I have to say that my sister's did the real shopping , my older sis got 2 winter jackets - one white , one pink and a hairband that's the same design as mine but it's silver. My second sis got 3 belts , one hairband like mine too(they all like that hairband) and a matching clip .

Basically, we literally stayed in Doota the whole afternoon but it was really fun!!

okay bye!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Lotte World

Hi guys , today i went to Lotte World which is a amusement park just in case u didn't know and i have to admit it has really gone DOWNHILL......

The rides are really scary and there are not many rides suitable for my age.. that sucks....
but, i got to do my hair (i sorta braided it) and i got this self-portait which made me look like a chinagirl!! haha..

But overall, Lotte World was quite fun although i must say i would prefer Everland which is a amusementy park too except Everland is in open air whereas Lotte World is not .

Well, i have to go so ...


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Song Of The Day!!

Hi, i'm back with Song Of The Day and today's song is ......"About You Now " by Miranda Cosgrove . This is one of the songs i got introduced to by the television, heehee.

Here's the link(

Didn't Know It Would Be So Boring!!

Hi guys sry i didn't post , technically, there's nothing to post but i really didn't know Korea was so boring. Today i started out excited for shopping but after a while the smile on my face turned into a frown... there were not many nice shops and so my father brought my cousin and i back to the hotel..

At first i was excited for Korea but now it seems so... urghh... ordinary=(

I'll post Song Of The Day later so bye!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Song Of The Day!

Hey, so yesterday's song was ..."Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga . Here's the link( and today's song is "Obsessed" by Mariah Carey . Here's the link( enjoy!!

I'm in Korea!

Hi guys,sry i didn't post yesterday i mean we didn't do much cuz it was too cold . Today we went to the ski resort and we also couldn't build snowman for the same reason but we did sorta have fun.. i guess..

I'm sleeping over at my cousins house tonight cuz there's not enough space. Well, that's basically wat we did today so bye!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On My Way To Korea!

Hello ppl!! At the airport now, using the computer at the lounge ,i'm really excited and i'm wearing my skinny jeans and no tights!! FREEDOM!! haha just afraid it might be a bit cold so i packed a jacket and a extra top in my bag..

Really happy and i'll talk more when i'm at the hotel in Korea .. well, bye!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One more day till Korea!!

Hi , i'm back and i'm really excited because it's one more day to Korea !!! Yeah and i'm leaving in the morning ,doing final packing tonight and i just can't wait!!

I packed a lot of long sleeves and tights and get this: my Ma expects me to wear my skinny jeans over my tights like, i can hardly walk or bend my legs wearing two layers *sigh* , she just thinks it's too cold and she's dressing me like a walking snowman!!

Well, i'm just waiting for tomorrow at the airport , i'm also going to a ski resort in Korea and my cousin and i aren't skiing so we will be building snowmans!! Not dressing like them ! Haha!!

I'll write more tomorrow in the hotel okay, bye!!

Song Of The Day!

Hi, it's another day so, here's today's Song Of The Day..... "Boom Boom Pow " by Black Eyes Peas . There are two versions- the original and higher pitched version , enjoy!

High Pitched version......

The Original version....


Monday, December 14, 2009

Song of The Day !

Hi guys, i'm in my aunt's house so not much time to play computer, quite strict ...

But anyway , today's Song Of The Day is ..."New Divide" by Linkin Park and this song was featured in Transformers 2 : Revenge Of The Fallen so here's the link, check it out!!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Song of the Day!

Hi, sorry i haven't posted for 2 days but here's Last Saturday's song , yesterday's song and today's song .

Here we go, so Last Saturday's song was ''Sweet Dreams " by Beyonce i'm sorta running out of time so here's the link(

And yesterday's song was "Behind these Hazel Eyes"by Kelly Clarkson . Here's the link (

Finally, here's today's song ...."Hero" by Mariah Carey, here's the link(


Friday, December 11, 2009

Song Of The Day!!

Hi again, here's today's Song Of the Day ......" Crazier" by Taylor Swift and a fan of her so two songs that i picked for Song Of The Day are written and sung by Taylor Swift , here's the link



Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chinese vs English

Hi guys, well , this post is abt the two most commonly used languages in Singapore - Mandarin and English .
U see, a lot of my friends tend to mix Chinese words with English words in a sentence,eg
"Teacher, 我 finsh my homework 了!“ or " Uncle , 我 要a nasi lemak" pls, if u want to say something in English or Chinese, use English or Chinese words to complete that sentence , don't mix it all into one..

Personally, i think that all these ppl who mix English and Chinese words into a sentence should really think before they speak because it's just annoying and wrong !!!

Anyway, here are some Chinese and English songs, comment on which one u like better...

and this is a English song(

okay pls comment!! bye!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Song Of The Day !!

HELLO PPL!! As u know, it's that time of the day again, Song Of The Day time !!

Today's song is " Pocket Full Of Sunshine" by Natasha Bedingfield and was introduced to this song by ,believe it or not, the TV!! HAHA !!

NekoinHat.jpg Happy Go Lucky Brown Anime Girl image by YugiohRoxs

Beautiful Dresses

Here are some dresses , comment and tell me which dress u think is the nicest ok , enjoy!!
Dress No. 1

Dress No. 2

Dress No. 3
Dress No. 4
Dress No. 5

Dresses No. 6 and 7

Dress No . 8

Dress No. 9
Dress No. 10

BTW: I like dress no 10 hehe!!