Monday, November 30, 2009

Song Of The Day !!

HELLO WORLD!! Here's yesterday's Song of the Day. I'm sorry i didn't do the Song of the Day thing yesterday , i was watching ''TOGETHER" on channel 8 mediacorp haha.

So yesterday's Song of the Day was " Bleeding Love " by Leona Lewis .

I was introduced to this song by my sisters .Leona Lewis has written many wonderful songs but i think this one is really unforgettable .


And Today's Song Of The Day is ''Hot n Cold" by Katy Perry.

My older sister used have this song as her ringtone for her phone so when her phone rang i would sing along till she answered the phone hehe. I think Katy Perry is a very talented artist and very bold. U guys should see the music video for Hot n Cold, it's quite funny .

Enjoy and pls comment !!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Song Of The Day !!

Hi today's a new day so ... here's today's Song Of The Day

''Take a Bow" By Rihanna

I really like this song, have it in my phone and well i guess the rhythm is very easy to catch u know?
Don't really know much abt this song but here's the link


Friday, November 27, 2009

Song Of The Day !!

Hi sorry i didn't post for a few days.. i'm kinda sick but im getting better , no worries:)
So i was looking around at other blogs then i had this idea- i decided to give u guys like, umm, a link to a different song everyday so u ppl can listen to it . I guess i got bored (haha) ,i'll also give u some info abt the song with the link and i'll call this whole thing Song of the Day!!

Okay , let's start now.

So today's song will be ''Your Call'' by Secondhand Serenade .
Personally, i think that the lyrics of this song are really meaningful and my favourite line in the song is definitely "I was born to tell u i love u" so touching and well i think the meaning of this song is probably
like the singer has just gone through a break up and he really misses his ex- girlfriend something like that ...

Anyway, here's the link ( Enjoy!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hello peeps!! Remember how i was telling u that i'll be going to Korea for my holidays? Well, its gonna be like winter time there so yesterday me and my Ma went to Zara to get some winterwear .

My Ma said i needed a new winter jacket cuz my other one was too small for me . And i ended up buying this long black jacket with some buttons ,to tell u the truth ,i thought it was a bit old fashioned but i was desperate so i bought it.

I was more pleased with my other purchase which was this two piece dress that u have to wear with jeans . The best thing about that dress is that i can wear it with my boots, who knows, i might even be able to bring it to Korea(:

Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm super sad!!!

i'm super sad.... i was just listening to Demi Lovato's Don't Forget, so emotional that it reminded me abt all my classmates and that i won't see them next year.....

I was not mentally prepared to leave all my friends , this was the most unforgettable year and i nearly started crying as i had a vivid flashback of all the good times me and my friends shared.. WOW!!

That song really touched me and it taught me that i should cherish all the wonderful moments and that time is very precious..........

By the way here's the link to Demi Lovato's Don't Forget pls enjoy!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

HELLO PEOPLE!! I just thought u guys might be curious abt where i'm going during the holidays,so i decided to tell a bit more abt where i'll be going-Korea!!!

Actually , i'll be going to a city in Korea which is called Seoul. I've been to Korea many times , each time coming back with a great experience.I'll be going to the same hotel again and i'll be shopping for 2 days in Seoul to buy clothes as a present for christmas.

Here is a list of things i hope to get while shopping in Korea

1.Another pair of skinny jeans
2. Some cool tops and dresses
5. A really cool charm bracelet

Well, thats all i have to say ,

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Homeless Heart Jennette McCurdy

Hi there!! Here's a new song i recently got hooked on. Its called Homeless Heart and many artistes have sang it but i particularly like the version that Jennette McCurdy sang , here's the link Enjoy!!

Jennette sang this song as a tribute to her friend Cody Waters who died of brain cancer at the tender age of 12. (moment of silence for him pls) and he remained faithful to fight his battle againest cancer but though he lost his battle he is an inspiration to all of us..

So please listen to Homeless Heart for Cody and Jennette thx!!