Friday, October 29, 2010

Kawaii Goods

Kawaii Goods sells kawaii jewelry, keychains,charms and more!!

Yummy Cookie Star Fudge Necklace

look at this cute star cookie necklace, absolutely kawaii!!

available here.

Pudding Ring (light pink)

isn't this pudding ring super cute?! comes in yellow, light pink(above) and hot pink:)

available here.

Chocolate Ring (Dark Pink)

much similar to the pudding ring, this dark pink chocolate ring is just as kawaii! comes in 4 colours:)

available here.

*Special Cinnamon Roll 3 Ring Pack Set

ok, i'm floating on cloud 9 here. squeeeee!!! love these!! only comes as a set(shown above).

available here.

To-Fu Rabbit Necklace
so cute !! its a tofu bunny necklace by the way:)

available here

Kawaii Kitty Plushie Charm (orange)

and a cute cat plush!! comes in 3 different colours:)

available here.

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last but not least, a kawaii cake pastry sticker sheet for only $1.75!!

available here.

all available at Kawaii Goods:)

Kawaii Goods is definitely the place to go for kawaii things:)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kawaii Polymer Charms

i was looking at youtube vids online and i saw this really cute video of a slide show of cute kawaii polymer charms. i got hooked instantly. if u like u can check out her channel here.

so now i present you her kawaii store!!

* i can't put the direct link to the item cuz of the format of her website but i'll give u the shop link at the end of the post:)

these kawaii peas in a pod are so cute, handmade and handpainted:)

coffee and donuts , a nice set:) u know there's this silly bee that keeps flying in my window to "pollinate" my fake plastic flowers:)

i love cacti:) and especially these cute kawaii one!!
yummy!! loooks so realistic and edible:)

another yummy treat:)

i'm sure guys have heard of Pacman right? if u haven't check this kawaii bracelet out!! and also check out the game:)

colour pencils and a artist palette , so kawaii!! all the colours of the rainbow and more!!

i dun really like Domokun but this one is so kawaii that i have to give in:)

last but not least, a cute ice cream sandwich:)

these are just some of the super kawaii stuff at her store.

click on this link to go to her store:!.html#grid

Saturday, October 23, 2010


hi guys!! as u know, exams are nearing and i might not be able to post as much. this time i have to focus on acing my exams , this is the last chance!!! so i'll have to stop the cuteness for a while, hope u guys dun mind:)

anyway, wish me luck for my exams:)


Etsy Search-twistyfishies

Twisty Fishies sells the cutest plushies:) check them out!!

Little Pink Ghost - Fleece Plush
as Halloween is nearing, this pink ghost plushie is perfect to decorate ur house:)

available here.

Blue Elephant - Felt Plush
if ur a fan of elephants(like my sis) , then your sure to love this adorable plushie:)

available here.

Kawaii Baby Monster Plushies - Pink and Orange
Kawaii Baby Monster Plushies - Blue and Green
these cute ghost plushies come in pairs , they're inseparable and great as a friendship gift:)
one of u guys could take the plushie that reminds u of ur bestie and ur bestie could take the one that reminds ur bestie of u:) that way, u guys will never be too far apart, if u miss ur bff, just look at the ghost plush:)

Pink and Orange available here.
Green and Blue available here.

Pink Baby Lion - Felt Plush

lions aren't supposed to be pink!!and they aren't supposed to be this cute,simply kawaii!! i love it!!

available here.

Little Orange Tiger - Kawaii Felt Plush
what's the closest thing to a lion? a tiger. so cute!!

available here.

Little Kawaii Green Bunny Plush
green bunnies aren't really my thing but this one is way too cute to resist!!

available here.

lastly, a purple monkey!! what a crazy world!! cute and kawaii!!

available here.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Spoonflower Kawaii Fabrics

have u been looking for a kawaii fabric to make ur bag, purses, plushies etc ?? well , look no further!! Spoonflower has everything u need to make those :)

yummy foods

see? Kawaii !!made by Berrysprite.

available here.

I Love the 80s!

the 80's rule ya!! the first guy i spotted was Michael Jackson , with the Thriller dance:)
Fabric by kukubee.

available here.

Sweets 2

Sweets always do the trick:) so yummy!!

available here.

this one is also a food theme , but more realistic:)

available here.

still on sweets, i never get tired of them:)

available here.

Cupcakes Galore
my fav, cupcakes!!

available here.

Sushi Lovers

if u remember a sushi purse i posted by kukubee a while back, well this is almost exactly the same, it doesn't have the words, but great for sushi lovers!! make ur own sushi pouch now:)

available here.

and lastly, a kawaii strawberry girl print:)

available here.

all from Spoonflower.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crazy Kawaii Nails

Halloween is nearing and u need to get ur crazy nails on! and Kawaii Nails is just the place to go for ur crazy kawaii nails!!

Image of Sweets Factory
Yummy!! these nails are great for sweetening up ur look :)

available here.

Image of Walking Into Spiderwebs
and this is more creepy, spiderwebs ....... more ghostly colours like black and white ...

available here.

Image of Gold Girl
gold and sparkly with leopard prints and flowers , i like:)

available here.

Image of Melty Sundae
sugary sweet, with chocolate tips:)

available here.

Image of Dessert Party
more yummy treats with cookies hanging by a chain:)

available here.

Image of Flora Sunset
cute kawaii floral design with hints of pink and white:)

available here.

Image of Glitter Breeze

another set of floral style nails, this time with a matte pink as the base and a bit of glitter:)

available here.

Image of Pink Glitter French
lovely in pink:)

available here.

Image of Glamour Swirl

this set is called glamour swirl , a swirl made up of the colours black and pink , with a tiny bit of gold to top it off:)

available here.

have crazy kawaii nails with the help of Kawaii :)

Etsy Search- bitterSWEET12

bitterSWEET12 definitely a shop great for those people with a sweet tooth , and u've gotta love this store:) it's full of chocolate chip cookies,rainbow sprinkles,macaroons, flans, stars , sushi etc.

so now, i present u bitterSWEET12's Etsy store!!
Sweet Tooth Deco Box
GOTTA SWEET TOOTH??? This box is truly one of a kind, decorated with handmade goodies from polymer clay. This wooden box was hand painted and the garnished with chocolate drizzle and sprinkles. It can be used to store all your hair accessories and jewelry. Sweet Tooth deco box features macaroons, cookies, sandwiches, candy star, flan chocolates. etc

available here.

Sweet Pudding Necklace
This necklace is too sweet for words. Each flan and strawberry was handmade from polymer clay, drizzled with sweet chocolate sauce. It looks good enough to eat. This necklace would be a great accessory to any outfit for any occasion.

available here.

Choco Candy Star Rings
These delicious stars are dripping with goodness. This would spice up any outfit for any occasion. you have 3 colors to choose from:



available here.

Gourmet Sprinkled Macaroon Hairclips
what could these possibly be, they look like macaroons yet with a metal thing sticking out of it , it makes u wonder... well, actually these are macaroon hairclips. as simple and delicious as that:)

available here.

B.SWEET Chocoholic Caramel Lovers iPhone 3G Case
This case is great for any chocoholic. This gelly silicone case was studded with yummy treats like,cookies, mint ice-cream, chewy caramel pieces, choco iced cake, chocolate heart candies, a chocolate drizzled biscuit, pearls, and star. The border is dripping with chocolate goodness:)

available here.

Sushi Lovers Pouch (DSlite, Camera, Cellphone, Cosmetics, etc)
For all you sushi lovers, that even includes me :D here is a beautiful hand sown pouch that is awesome for storaging your camera, cellphone, dslite, credit cards, cosmetics, and personal toiletries.Perfect for a gift, or just for yourself.

available here.

Chunky Chip Cookie Studs
Chunky Chip Cookie Studs
Dont they look good enough to eat? Chocolate chip cookies are the worlds best cookies. Now they are apart of your attire. These studs will look amazingly delicious with any outfit for any occasion.

available here.

Chocolate Drizzled Cream Ring
Chocolate Drizzled Cream Ring
r u in need of something sweet to wear? well, look no further, this creamy delight is great for occasion :)

available here.

all from bitterSWEET12