Saturday, November 27, 2010

New in the Twirling Paper collection:)

so i made new stuff with some of the remaining paper i have left(i'm running out) !!

but i made the blue beetle(below) ages ago, for my mum's b-day:)

(continued from this post)

31.The Blue Spotted Beetle

32.The Pretty Blue, Pink and Purple Flowers

33.The Colourful Rooster

keep updated for more crafty stuff, i'm planning on doing something new this holiday, so stay tuned for more:)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Kawaii Shop Japan

have you guys heard of Kawaii Shop Japan? they sell really cute stuff, guaranteed!! let me show you.....

Kawaii Cute Hamster Hamunosuke Tiny Figure Doll on Biscuit
aww..... it's so cute!! look at it's face how can u resist that?

Hamster Biscuit Figurine available here.

Kawaii Cute Maruneko Club Key Chain Plush Mascot Brown Abi
and this chubby kitty is really making my heart melt... i can't stand it!! it's like way too cute!!! gosh!!

Chubby Kitty Plush available here.

Kawaii Cute Funwari Kasutera Chan Key Chain Plush *Chocolate
yummy, chocolate bun!! making me drool..

Chocolate Bun Plush available here.

Kawaii Nyan Nyan Nyanko Hanten Chinese Food Charm Steamed Bun
this totally makes me like Nyanko so much more!! a kitty stuffed in a bun is pretty cruel but it's so cute!!
Nyanko Bun Charm available here.

Kawaii Cute Nyan Nyan Nyanko Charm *Fruit Tart
and look at this cute kitty in a fruit tart!! also Nyanko! the next like maybe 4 or 5 charms are gonna be Nyanko, but it may be harmful to those who cannot take cuteness overflow(just kidding of course) !!!

Nyanko Fruit Tart Charm available here.

Kawaii Cute Nyan Nyan Nyanko Parfait Charm San-x

who doesn't like ice cream? what's ur fav flavour? mine's Mint Choc-Chip:) loads of people seem to like drawing kawaii ice cream, i've tried but i'm just not suited for drawing those kinds of stuff.

Nyanko Ice Cream Sundae Charm available here.

Kawaii Cute Nyan Nyan Nyanko Charm *Nyanko Ice Cream

yes, ice cream again, but now its in cone shape haha:)

Nyanko Ice Cream Cone Charm available here.
i like ramen and udon , i'm just a noodle person, i love noodles. but this one is too cute to eat:)

Nyanko Noodle Charm available here.

Kawaii Cute Nyan Nyan Nyanko Orange Sherbet Charm

it has been 2 minutes after seeing this and i am already screaming my ass off:)

Nyanko Orange Sherbet Charm available here.

Kawaii Nyan Nyan Nyanko Chinese Food Charm Dumpling

my school sells dumplings, i haven't eaten them in a while but i dun recall them being as cute as this one:)

Nyanko Dumpling Charm available here.

Kawaii Nyan Nyan Nyanko Hanten Chinese Food Charm Annin Tofu

i dunno what this dish is called, but i do know it looks cute, and here at Ling's Blog, our mission is to find cute and share with the world, not eat it:)

Nyanko Pudding Charm available here.

Kawaii Cute Nyan Nyan Nyanko Charm *Orange Juice
i LOVE drinking orange juice, especially the freshly squeezed kind:)

Nyanko Orange Juice Charm available here.
Kawaii Cute Smile Egg Salt & Pepper Shakers Set
obviously these aren't real eggs , so what are they? they are salt n' pepper shakers!!

Egg Salt n' Pepper Shakers available here.

Kawaii Korilakkuma Die Cut Bento Lunch Box Container
Kawaii Rilakkuma Die Cut Bento Lunch Box Container
OMG, DIE!! these are so cute, i think i died a little inside... these are just what i've been looking for!!

Korilakkuma Bento Box available here.

Rilakkuma Bento Box available here.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cupcake Flavoured Lip Balm

yes, another cute lip balm post:) they're just way too cute , there needs to be another lip balm post!

Image 2 of Cupcake Lip Balm x 4 sticks
mmm, do u smell cupcakes in the air? oh wait. it must be these guys. they look so tasty!!
comes as a set.

available here.

also, be sure to keep updated here at Ling's Blog!!

Cute Ice Cream Flavored Lip Balm

I remember there was one time a few years ago when my sis bought this ice cream flavoured lip balm, it looked so cute!! and now, i've managed to find it:)

it looked something like this but it came in a small cardboard ice cream truck, really cute!! yummy!!

Ice Cream Flavoured Lip Balm available here.

by the way , i edited my Baby Loves Pink post, go check it out:)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Maustudio sells the cutest pocket mirrors ever!! they also sell other stuff!!check it out!!

Pocket Mirror - Little Cow

these pocket mirrors are great for everything, and they're just way too cute!! ahh... this is definitely pocket mirror heaven!!

Cow Pocket Mirror available here.

Chihuhua Pocket Mirror - Chee-S the Chihuhua Puppy - Purple

great for those dog lovers:)

Chihuahua Pocket Mirror available here.

Ninja Mau Postcard and Stickers Set

SO CUTE!! I love sushi(i think i mentioned that a couple times bfore) , darn,i really wanna get this!!

Ninja Sushi Postcard and Sticker set available here.

Ball-Z the Puggy Pocket Mirror - Flower

another cute dog pocket mirror!! aww... look at its eyes!!

Pug Pocket Mirror available here.

Cute Little Giraffe Pocket Mirror
aww.. this baby giraffe is soo cute!! i realize little baby animals are normally really cute, till they grow up...

Baby Giraffe Pocket Mirror available here.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy Magnets - K-Sea the Puppy from Ball-Z and Friends Series

DEAR FRIENDS, this is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, isn't it cute!!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Magnets available here.

4 Puggy Magnets - Play

and this, is the Pug. isn't he charming:)

Pug Magnets available here.

Chihuahua Magnets - Chee-S the Chihuahua Puppy

cute and stylish, i present u the Chihuahua:) aww... way too CUTE!!

Chihuahua Magnets available here.

Boss-T the Boston Terrier Puppy Magnets

at the last of the magnets, we have the Boston Terrier:)

Boston Terrier Magnets available here.

Ball-Z the Puggy Puppy  Glass Tile Necklace - Blue

aww... this totally changes everything. i used to think pugs were ugly and drooly, but now i think otherwise.

Pug Necklace available here.

is that enough to prove how cute this shop is? then head down to Maustudio today!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hip Hop Candy

this is by far the most cute kawaii store ever!! it is a crime that i haven't posted it yet:( anyway, get ready to scream after looking at all these kawaii things from Hip Hop Candy:)

i'll start with the jewelry+key chains and then go on to some lipbalm and lotion:)

Choco Milk Necklace

i dun normally drink milk, but chocolate milk is pretty yummy, especially one this cute:)

available here.

Cloud Creature Strap
what is this cute lil' thing? it's a cloud creature called Nimbus:)

available here.

Chubby Fox Strap
chubby and cute, sounds like my cousin:) anyway, this chubby fox keychain is so cute , great for hanging at ur phone:)

available here.

Dragon Strap

it's alright, this dragon won't blow fire on u,he promises:)

available here.

Fruit Tart Necklace
looks so cute and yummy:) my friend is working on another kawaii drawing, she says it looks a little like this kawaii fruit tart necklace:)

available here.

Kimono Girl Strap
this is such a sweet kimono girl key chain,i love it:)

available here.

Kitty Earrings

Kitties are well-known for being some of the cutest creatures in existence, or is it just a clever facade?

available here.

Nigiri Sushi Strap

ohh... i LOVE sushi!! this sushi key chain is sooo kawaii !! i want it!!

available here.

Sushi Necklace

sushi again!! so yummy and kawaii!!

available here.

Sir Penguin Strap
penguins are just so cute, don't ya think?

available here.

Teddy Strap

and isn't this guy just as cute?

available here.

all jewelry and key chains available here.

and now some lip balm and lotion:)

(i'll just show u the pics and give u the link to the bath and body section)
Chococherry Lip Balm

Cotton Candy Clouds Body Spray

Cranberry Tart Body Spay

Cranberry Tart Lotion

Frosted Cupcake Lotion (2oz)

Raspberry Lemonade Lotion (2oz)
Lemon Pound Cake Soap Bar

Bubble Blitz Lip Balm

all lotion and lip balm available here.