Friday, March 26, 2010

Sign Language( the alphabet)

Hi guys, yesterday, my teacher showed my class how to sign the alphabet in sign language, it's really fun, and i'm practicing how to do it too. that way, i can talk to my friends without getting scolded by my teacher !

here's the link to the sign language alphabet vid, the song's a bit childish but just focus on the signing. (

have fun signing!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Website

Hiya ! today, i've got a website to introduce to u guys, here's the link ( and u can create a new account and solve mysteries, so have fun!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Retainers suck!!

Hi dudes, i'm definitely not in the best mood right now but i'm still blogging!! So anyways, i got retainers yesterday!! and it sucks!! it's basically like a plastic thingy in ur mouth that u have to wear 24/7 !! even when ur eating lunch!! and when u wash it, there's all the gross leftovers of food and saliva on it!! Let's just say that i really don't like it !! it's uncomfortable even though it's suppose to make my teeth nicer!! they should have used this in the olden days as a torture weapon!!

well, it's been a long time since i posted the "Song Of The Day"so l'll get into a good mood and i'll do it!!

okay, ready! Today's Song Of The Day is.... "Telephone" by Lady GaGa! did i mention that i'm really into Lady GaGa songs at the moment?

This is the music video link( ( it is a bit sick)


Thursday, March 18, 2010

A very bored girl....

Hello, i'm super bored right now... so i'll show some random pics.

Okay, bye!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

a bit of cuteness to enlighten ur day!! (2)

Hi! I'm back with the second part of " a bit of cuteness to enlighten your day!" .

7. Bitty Button Earrings- Blue ,Pink and Purple
Bitty Button Earrings - BlueCute as a button! :P

These totally adorable dainty little button stud earrings will add cute and color to any outfit! Each super tiny (approx 6mm) earring is attached to a silver-plated post with butterfly backings.

Comes in a cute little container!Bitty Button Earrings - Hot PinkBitty Button Earrings - Purple

by the way, it costs 8 dollars a pair!

8. Capacitor Earrings
Capacitor Earrings
Cost: $12.00

Totally fun!

These awesome dangly earrings are made with REAL capacitors normally used in guitar amps - so killer!! Each deep pink capacitor hangs from a silver-toned french wire hook.

They are light, comfy AND totally unique! One pair.

9. Diamond Forever Young Necklace

Diamond Forever Young Necklace - Original

Cost: $250.00 ( very expensive!!)

Amazing design that's made just for you!

Shana Logic is proud to be able to introduce you to
Jacqueline Sanchez's exclusive jewelry collection: Forever Young. Handcrafted from the highest quality materials and custom made in vibrant colors reminiscent of your favorite childhood toy, this amazing piece is the perfect addition to your jewelry collection and is guaranteed to get you tons of compliments!

Description of Diamond Forever Young Necklace:
Each necklace features a pendant made of a Sterling silver base with a sandblasted plastic cast in the color of your choice and a
diamondset in 14kt yellow gold.

The pendant hangs from a thick rubber cord which comes in a variety of colors and in two lengths--Choose the color combo that suits your mood (we've included some sample combos in the photo gallery for you on the bottom left :-) Each rubber cord has a sterling silver lobster clasp in the back.

Signed on the back by the artist.

10. Hardware Earrings

Hardware Earrings


Totally awesome!

These super-fun dangly earrings are made with REAL silver-toned washers from the hardware store! Four external washers of gradiating sizes hang from one another forming a dangly drop that's sure to turn heads.

They are light and comfy AND totally unique! One pair.

11. Snowy Owls Necklace

Snowy Owls Necklace


So sweet!

Chocolate & Steele and Susie Ghahremani have collaborated to create this gorgeous necklace featuring two adorable snowy owls!

The super-cute owl pendant has been handcrafted out of fine silverand hangs from an 18" Sterling Silver chain. Not only is it a darling necklace but it's light and super comfy too--You'll want to wear it everyday!

12. Vintage Heart Locket Necklace

Vintage Heart Locket Necklace


Such an lovely vintage find!

You'll love wearing this beautiful little necklace featuring a vintage brass heart locket! Each dainty locket has a sparkly light blue stone in the center and hangs from an 18" brass chain with lobster clasp.

Comes in an organza gift pouch ready to give (or keep for yourself! :-)

13.Friendship Bird Ring

Friendship Bird Ring

Chirp Chirp!

You'll look super cute wearing this adorable birdie ring by MyMimi! The silver-toned adjustable ring features a 1" round image of a cute and vibrant birdie! Choose from blue bird or red! One ring per order.

14.Happy Rainbow Cloud Necklace
Happy Rainbow Cloud Necklace

So cute!!

This adorable necklace featuring a super-cute happy cloud with a dangling rainbow is sure to cheer you up! It's lazer cut to perfection and hangs from a 18" silver toned chain. You'll definitely make people smile wearing this cutie!

15.Blue Rose Cameo Necklace

Blue Rose Cameo Necklace

Striking and Unique!

Dress up any outfit with this lovely and long necklace featuring a large highly-detailed cameo pendant. Each jet black and blue rose cameo is set into a silver-toned frame with rope detailing. It hangs from a 24" long highly shiny silver-toned chain.

Comes in an organza gift pouch, ready to give (or keep for yourself!)

16.Almondine Cocktail Earrings

Almondine Cocktail Earrings


Stylish and sweet!

Lovely little vintage glass milky white beads... you can dress them up or down, you'll be a beauty either way! These delicate cocktail earrings dangle lightly from sterling silver thread earrings with an optional rubber post.

17.Fabric Earrings- Black and White Polkadot

Fabric Earrings - Black & White Polkadot


Totally adorable and stylish!

Jet black and white polka-dotted fabric is wrapped over buttons and turned into this super-cute pair of earrings! So perfect if you like small stud earrings - cute with any outfit :)

17. Home Is Where The Heart Is - Necklace


So sweet & unique!

Chocolate & Steele and Susie Ghahremani have collaborated to create this gorgeous necklace featuring an adorable birdhouse with a heart!

The super-cute birdhouse pendant has been handcrafted out of fine silver and hangs from an 18" Sterling Silver chain. Not only is it a darling necklace but it's light and super comfy too--You'llwant to wear it everyday!Home is Where the Heart Is Necklace

Monday, March 15, 2010

a bit of cuteness to enlighten ur day!!

hey !! Check out these cute acessories !!

1.Creepy Bunny Earrings
Creepy Bunny Earrings

It's cute! It's scary-- Eeek!! I LOVE this pair of two-sided black and white earrings! It features two earrings - one showing a smiley black bunny on the front, and one of his scary white skeleton on the front :-) Each bunny is made of a lazer-cute lightweight acrylic and hangs from silver-toned hooks--so kawaii!

You get 1 of each design making a pair!

2. Reversible Pendant Necklace-Star Kitty and Puppy

Reversible Pendant Necklace - Star Kitty & Puppy

This high quality necklace made with cast Sterling Silver and anenameled center features an adorable striped kitty drawing with a star on one side and a sweet little puppy gazing at a star on the other side-- super awesome!! Wear whichever side fits your mood!

It hangs lightly from a 16" nylon stainless steel cord with lobster closure. You'll love how comfy this necklace is and we know it'll make you smile when you wear it --- we guarantee compliments!!

3.Bunny Charm Bracelet

Bunny Charm Bracelet


Add a little cute to your outfit with this simple and sweet bracelet designed by Mark Poulin! An adorable bunny charm hangs lightly from a lovely Sterling Silver chain--your new "everyday" bracelet!

4. Robot Love Scarf

Robot Love Cotton Scarf

Yay Robots!

You'll love wearing this cute and comfy cotton scarf all year round! It features the popular and totally adorable hand-drawn 'robot with scattered hearts' by Lynette May printed on a soft grey jersey scarf!

It's 100% cotton and perfect for any cool weather or just when it's a bit chilli inside!

5.Double Heart Padlock Bracelet

Double Heart Padlock Bracelet

Punk Rock + Girlie = This Sassy Bracelet!

This amazingly cool and unique bracelet features two REAL mini heart padlocks that hang from a double strand chain bracelet!

It's got a lobster closure clasp and an actual working key dangling from the clasp for extra style - this bracelet is so fab in person, plus it's super well-made!

6.Hardware Necklace

Hardware Necklace

Heavy Duty Style!

This awesome necklace is made from two black rubber cords and features silver-toned metal nuts and a washer as the centerpiece. The two rubber cords finish with a lobster clasp closure in the back.

It's super-cool looking and is a great conversation piece!

uh-oh. got to go! bye!

P.S. go to :

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Favourite Singaporean Actors and Actresses!

Hi , the last post was abt all the American celebrities and this one is abt all the Singaporean actors and actresses!

My Top 10 Favourite Singaporean Actresses
1. Jeanette Aw

2.Joanne Peh

3. Fann Wong

4.Jessica Liu

5. Felicia Chin

6. Paige Chua

7. Zoey Tay

8. Michelle Chia

9. Xiang Yun

10.Rui En

My Top 10 Favourite Singaporean Actors

1.Dai Yangtian
2. Elvin Ng

3. Tay Ping Hui

4. Pornsak

5. Dasmong Koh

6. Zzen Zhang
7. Guo Liang

8. Darren Lim

9. Chen Han Wei

10. Pierre Png