Saturday, January 29, 2011


it's a crime that i haven't posted about Momiji yet. u won't believe how cute they are:) they are mostly message dolls but they are also available as stickers,wallets, cards etc. they ship to different countries, the link is for USA but u can always change the country,on the top left hand corner of the screen:)


her name's Phoebe,a sweet little girl, does she like frogs? or does she just like the colour green? she's a girl, that loves a good sci-fi story, especially one about aliens:)

Phoebe Doll available here.

This cutie's name is Luca. she loves music(just like me) and loves jammin to different beats:)

Luca Doll available here.

this sweet purple doll is called Silly Billy, kinda weird haha. but i like her, she's dressed in my fav colour - Purple:) and she just looks so innocent.. awww.she loves pumpkins and penguins:)

Silly Billy Doll available here.

lastly for the dolls is this sweetie pie:) her name is Pixie but there's another doll that looks nothing like her called Pixie too. maybe they ran out of creative names? haha but the best thing about Pixie is that she the cupcake pixie !! in charge of all things cupcake!! cute!!

Pixie Doll available here.

More Momiji Dolls here.

Zakka(Stationery and Crafty Stuff)

this mouse mat makes a super cute gift for anyone:) with heart shaped lips and cute eyes, this girl is irresistible!! also, if ur using this for the office, this will definitely jazz up any boring old office:)

Cute Momiji Mousepad available here.

Momiji Stickers

such cute stickers!! personally, i dun really use /collect stickers so this would be pretty useless to me. but for those sticker lovers or collectors, be sure to check this cute range of stickers Momiji has to offer!!

Momiji Sticker Set 1 available here.

Momiji Sticker Set 2 available here.

super colourful!! that's why this cutie is called Party Girl, cuz she's dressed to PARTY!! haha but she's really cute and eye-catching dun ya think?
Momiji Enamel Key Ring Party Girl available here.

these are super cute cupcake cases which come with cute flags to poke into them, just to jazz them up:) great for parties or any fun occasion!!

Cute Momiji Cupcake Cases available here.

Momiji Zakka Greeting Card - Itchy Feet Sonny

Momiji Zakka Greeting Card - Itchy Feet Luca

such kawaii greeting cards:) Sonny and Luca are some cute dolls(Luca is featured in the doll section above) from the itchy feet collection in Momiji:)

Momiji Sonny Greeting Card available here.

Momiji Luca Greeting Card available here.

momiji cosplay zakka polo notebook

momiji cosplay zakka donut notebook

momiji cosplay zakka ruby notebook

ahh such cute notebooks!! designed by Joanna Zhou, these 3 lovely notebooks are unique , quirky and cute:) Momiji never disappoints:)

Blue Notebook available here.

Yellow Notebook available here.

Black Notebook available here.

okay, that's all the Momiji i've got for now:)

besides buying from the Momiji website itself,u can also go to Chicki.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nyan Nyan Nyanko!!

after posting Mamegoma and Rilakkuma ,the 2 of the many really cute San-X characters,i decided to post another San-X character:) ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Nyan Nyan Nyanko!!!

Nyan Nyan Nyanko Burger Tote Bag

first up, we have a super kawaii Nyan Nyan Nyanko hamburger bag!! it's 3 Nyanko hamburger cats stacked on top of each other:)

available at WizzyWig.

Kawaii Cute Nyan Nyan Nyanko Cafe Sticker Sheet San-x (04206)

ohh such a cute Nyan Nyan Nyanko sticker sheet!! so yummy and tempting!! i see ice creams,cheesecakes,ohm nom nom:)

available at KawaiiShopJapan.(they are temporarily closed till 1 Feb)

Nyan Nyan Nyanko Key Chain Charm Convenience Store Food Fried Chicken

Nyan Nyan Nyanko chicken delivery:)haha so cute, Nyanko chicken nuggets:) but too cute to eat:)

available at KawaiiShopJapan. (they are temporarily closed till 1 Feb)

OMG!! Nyan Nyan Nyanko Watermelon cup!!love!! gosh i seriously want it now!! damn.

available at WizzyWig.

loads of Nyan Nyan Nyanko cuteness here!! plushies, charms and much more at My Nyanko World.

yummy candy!! looks so delicious!! ahh... makes me drool.. haha:) it's a really cute file of Nyan Nyan Nyanko dressed as candies:) i see lollipop Nyankos and Nyanko lollipop rings, so many yummy treats on one file:)

available at KawaiiDepot.

San-X All-Stars Nyan Nyan...

so cute!! it's a cheesecake Nyanko!! u know, i love cheesecake and i actually used to pornounce new york cheesecake wrongly with being aware of it.i was saying"let's go eat new nyork cheesecake!" haah. but now i dun pronounce it like that anymore:) good times:)

available at ShopKawaii.

Nyan Nyan Nyanko Burger Nuggets - Women's T-Shirt

oh my so yummy!! imagine wearing that haha u'd have ppl drooling while staring haah.u can wear this really simply, pair with a hoodie or just jeans but bright shoes or accessories:)

available at ShoeBuy

another cute tee:) it also has a hamburger design like the bag :) really cute but non edible:) anyway, how could u wanna eat it? it's WAYY too cute!

available at ShoeBuy.

more Nyan Nyan Nyanko at ShoeBuy.

okay, that's all the Nyan Nyan Nyanko i've got for now, till next time:)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


i know a while back i already posted Rilakkuma but that posted was... well kinda lame and outdated so i'll give a all new version!! oh by the way i already deleted the old Rilakkuma post, dun try lookin for it..

so here is something that i thought was still pretty good and not so outdated that was from my old post . i still think this is really cute!! my mum is overseas in america so i asked her to try and get it for me... hope she comes back with them..

Rilakkuma Earphones available at Strapya World or Rakuten.

Korilakkuma Earphones available at Strapya World or Rakuten.

San-X Rilakkuma Squishy Mascot Cell Phone Strap (Korilakkuma)

San-X Rilakkuma Squishy Mascot Cell Phone Strap (Rilakkuma)

San-X Rilakkuma Squishy Mascot Cell Phone Strap (Kiiroitori)

a series of cute squishable phone charms, my fav!! cute phone charm, great stress ball!!

Korilakkuma Phone Charm available here(Strapya World)

Rilakkuma Phone Charm available here(Strapya World)

Kiiroitori Phone Charm available here(Strapya World)

such a cute calendar!!! for this year,2011!! the year of the rabbit!! i want one!! i suck at keeping track of the day:(

Korilakkuma Calendar available here(ShopKawaii)

Rilakkuma Calendar available here(ShopKawaii)

Kawaii San-x Rilakkuma face large memo pad B

Kawaii San-x Rilakkuma face large memo pad A

check it out!! cute notepads with a close up view of Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma's face!! haha:) i saw this in the store before,didn't buy it though,way too many unused notepads..

Korilakkuma Bear Face available here(ShopKawaii)

Rilakkuma Bear Face available here(ShopKawaii)

this reminds me of Breadou. i love it!! I LOVE FAKE BREAD haha. but seriously, i wouldn't mind seeing this every time i get up for breakfast in the morning:) it'd makes mornings my favourite time of day:)

Rilakkuma Bread Charm available here(BigKeyLeeStore)

San-X Rilakkuma Mug:...

OMG!! Korilakkuma cup!! so kawaii:) today my teacher was talking about how Japanese learn from their mistakes and make very good role models, i totally agree, heck, they can come up with the cutest,most kawaii stuff!!

Korilakkuma Cup available here(ShopKawaii)

Thumbnail of San-X Rilakkuma Relax Bear Plastic Keychain #6 (K0090)

Thumbnail of San-X Rilakkuma Relax Bear Plastic Keychain #2 (K0087)

oh such cute charms!! i love the Korilakkuma one:)he's dressing up as Rilakkuma:) so kawaii!! and Rilakkuma is lazing around and procrastinating as usual, kinda reminds me of myself sometimes... hehe....

Korilakkuma Charm available here(BigKeyLeeStore)

Rilakkuma Charm available here(BigKeyLeeStore)

okay, that's all the Rilakkuma i've got for now:) i'll see u guys soon with another San-X character post:)

Saturday, January 15, 2011


my BFF rachel loves Mamegoma,it's her fav San-X character.but i think Rilakkuma is cuter!! he's my fav:) but overall Mamegoma is really cute and irristible just like Rilakkuma:) this post is gonna show u all just how cute he is and show u where u can get Mamegoma merchandise:)

starting this Mamegoma post off is this way kawaii Mamegoma file:) it features the various Mamegoma characters and has each of their names written under them:) so now u can get to know Mamegoma better and soon u'll be able to recongnize and name all of them:)

available here(ShopKawaii)

San-X <span class=

OMG!! i love this cup!! i want it!! it practical cuz we use cups almost all the time!! and it's so cute!! it's Mamegoma on the cup dressed up as different animals:)

available here(ShopKawaii)

San-X <span class=

oh my!! i feel faint... cuteness overdose!! haha . just kidding:) but this is seriously cute. cute to the max. u can choose between these 4 designs and pick the one u want:) i love design a and b:)

available here(ShopKawaii)

aww.. such a cute notebook!! this prob with me is that sometimes, the notebook is just way too cute that i can't bear to use it.. so now i think before i buy:) but seriously, sometimes when i see kawaii San-X character notebooks at the store, i can't help but to buy them... but damn,Mamegoma is just so cute!!

available here(ShopKawaii)

San-X <span class=

another few more notepads of Mamegoma dressing up as different things/animals:) i love the b one,chef Mamegoma!! the penguin one is super kawaii too. a and c are also cute choices:)

available here(ShopKawaii)

Thumbnail of San-X <span class=

oh my!! such a cute Mamegoma phone strap!! it kinda looks like Baby Mamegoma... somehow i realise the baby or younger version of characters are much cuter than the original.take Winnie the Pooh for example... tigger is super cute in baby form,piglet too!! but for Mamegoma,baby form of not, it's gonna stay perpetually cute:)

available here(BigKeyLee store)

more Mamegoma and kawaii stuff here(BigKeyLee store)


lastly,we've got another super kawaii file!!

available here(KawaiiDepot)

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Steph Says Hello

this is the first time i'm posting something from Folksy. Folksy is basically just like Etsy.

so this seller goes by the name Steph Says Hello, and he sells some pretty dang cute prints.i wouldn't say they are kawaii but they're still pretty cute:)

Large image
this makes learning about the solar system so much more fun:) the planets and the sun are all so cute!!

available here.

Large image
A monster befriending a little girl ? there's gotta be something wrong about this... but there's also something that really attracts me to this print...

available here

Large image
there's something about birds that make them so cute and irresistible:) tweet tweet!!

available here.

Large image

this is a cute notebook with a mailbox and envelope on the cover.. those 2 seem to be friends...or maybe more then that....well, they look pretty happy to me:)

available here.

Large image
another mail related thing , but this one's a print and now more people have joined the "conversation" there are 2 more envelopes (the biggest one doesn't look too happy) and a mail bag(is that what it's called?).

available here.

Large image

this is a cute Matryoshka doll calendar for the year 2011:) oh i rmbr those days when they had those dolls , and when u push them, they would never fall , they'd always get back up:)

available here.

loads more at Steph Says Hello.