Thursday, February 4, 2010

52nd Grammy Awards

HI PEEPS! It's been very long since i posted and i'm back with lots of news!!OKAY, i don't live in America but i was watching TV like a few days ago and i saw an advertisement that was talking abt the 52nd Grammy Awards at the Staple Centre. So i watched the show on TV the next day and it was awesome! Here are some pics.

Beyonce(my fav R&B artist)

Taylor Swift
Luv her dress!

Luv her dress too!

Lady GaGa( her dress is outta this world, luv it!)

Lea Michele(this is my fav look on her!)

Rihanna(interesting dress...)

Fergie(meh, her dress is alright0

Carrie Underwood( i really luv this dress and the everything, it's beautiful!)

Jennifer Hudson

That's all for this post, see ya!

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