Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Favourite Singaporean Actors and Actresses!

Hi , the last post was abt all the American celebrities and this one is abt all the Singaporean actors and actresses!

My Top 10 Favourite Singaporean Actresses
1. Jeanette Aw

2.Joanne Peh

3. Fann Wong

4.Jessica Liu

5. Felicia Chin

6. Paige Chua

7. Zoey Tay

8. Michelle Chia

9. Xiang Yun

10.Rui En

My Top 10 Favourite Singaporean Actors

1.Dai Yangtian
2. Elvin Ng

3. Tay Ping Hui

4. Pornsak

5. Dasmong Koh

6. Zzen Zhang
7. Guo Liang

8. Darren Lim

9. Chen Han Wei

10. Pierre Png


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