Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cute Purse!!

Transcendent-owlism Change Purse

Transcendent-owlism Change Purse
Although his eyes are closed, mentally he is keeping 'owl' eyes on your valuable belongings! Do you see his embroidered details and cheerful felt feathers? Have you looked on the back and discovered the leaf sprouted branch he is perched upon? Did you glimpse inside the open pouch lined with a red and brown, mod-geometric pattern? Now that we have seen the physical and empirical elements of the wallet, consider its more ethereal qualities. Envision how good its sturdy, vegan-friendly construction will feel in your hand. At long last, now, we ask that you take this wallet - don't say that you 'Kant' - and let it accompany your evergreen-colored pants, worn leather boots, and gauzy linen shirt into a realm of thoughtfully terrific accessorizing!

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