Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Paperchase Collections:)

i haven't checked out Paperchase since i posted the Paperchase lip balm post. but i went back a few days ago and they have 4 new collections!!!AWESOME!!but i'll skip the Posy Floral collection, not so kawaii..


Teapots Collection

teapots melamine beaker

cute and practical:)

Teapot Cup available here.

teapots cotton apron

great for those who love to cook in style:)

Teapot Apron available here.

teapots passport holder

for those who love to travel and wanna add a hint of kawaii to their bags,try this luggage tag:)

Teapot Luggage Tag available here.

teapots plastic water bottle

and i personally love myself a cute water bottle:) especialy one with smiling teapots:)

Teapot Water Bottle available here.

more from the Teapot collection here.

Tokyo Trippers collection

tokyo trippers mini cosmetic case
this is supposed to be a cosmetic case but i would rather use it as a pencil case:)it;s great as both so i guess it is a multi-purpose pouch:) perfect:)

Tokyo Trippers Multi-Purpose Pouch available here.

tokyo trippers umbrella

great for a rainy day or a hot day:) it'll make a rainy day more colourful and a sunny day brighter:)

Tokyo Trippers Umbrella available here

tokyo trippers noodle bowl

who loves noodles?(me!!) a 2 in 1 noodle bowl set:) it'll make eating noodles a lot more fun:)

Tokyo Trippers Noodle Bowl available here.

tokyo trippers a5 notebook

the red on the notebook reminds me of Chinese New Year but somehow the girls with umbrellas remind of geishas:)

Tokyo Trippers available here.

more from the Tokyo Trippers collection here.

Patisserie Pals collection

patisserie pals mag bag

the patisserie pals collection is more like food with digitally added kawaii faces on them:) CUTE!! this tote bag here is great for carrying magazines,books, clothes etc. sure to make ur day feel better:)

Patisserie Pals Tote Bag available here.

patisserie pals magnetic page clips pack of 4

these are magnetic page clips/bookmarks. so now food will just be near ur bk:)and this will surely make a book with no pictures or illustrations more kawaii:)

Patisserie Pals Page Clips available here.

patisserie pals ball pen

seeking for a cute pen to make doing homework a tad bit more fun? then go get urself this cute pen:) yummy and tempting:)

Patisserie Pals available here.

patisserie pals A5 notebook

yummiest notebook ever!! i spot a croissant,some macaroons and madelines!! ohm nom nom!!

Patisserie Pals Notebooks available here.

more from the Patisserie Pals collection available here.

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  1. Nice stuff! i have the paperclip umbrella! =D but in pink with cupcakes ^^ xx