Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cute Dainty Jewellery!

Hey guys:) yeah im back after like 2months without posting:/ well i was on holiday in Sydney(photos to come) the past week and the rest of the time was spent mugging. yes i know i have no life:( but it's currently school holidays so i have some time on my hands now:D TIME FOR A FASHION POST!!

okay, so recently, i've been really into dainty and intricate handmade jewellery(which i found a lot of in Sydney) so i thought why not do a blog post about it? Now, before i start this post, i will just warn you since this jewllery is mostly handmade and a lot smaller and thus harder to make, it will be a little bit more pricey than your normal Forever 21type jewellery.Also, majority of the jewellery come form Etsy, just to let you guys know:)

So, let's get started with this post!:DD

1. Cute Animal Ear Rings

Cute animal ring - laser cut acrylic - Choose from cat, fox or teddy bear

so if you guys have noticed, rings with cute animal ears on them have been trending, in particular the bunny ears:D i have one myself that's a mickey mouse ear one, which is really cute too! but i've never seen these kind before! they are so much more unique than your usual generic gold and animal ears! They will for sure let you stand out amongst the crowd:) Available in Cat,Fox and Teddy Bear Ears haha too cute ^^

Cute Animal Ears Rings available here.

2. Dainty Turquoise Ring

Dainty Turquoise Stacking Ring Turquoise Solitaire Ring Shiny or Oxidized - made to order in your finger size

One of my favourite colours for summer has got to be turquoise, heck, i've always loved that colour. I just think is ring is so delicate and yet will stand out because of the turquoise gem in the centre. Also, i love rings that have that kind of ball chain ring as shown on the ring above. I think it adds to the daintyness and feel of the whole piece:) Best part, this ring is multi-functional, meaning you can wear it alone, or stack it with other dainty rings! It works both ways:D

Turquoise Dainty Ring available here.

3. Dainty Gold Bow Ring

Bow gold ring, bow ring, gold ring, thin delicate ring, bridal jewelry,best friends ring, forget me knot ring

Another one of my obsessions: bow rings.This one in particular really caught my eye^^ i thought the bow was more realistic in the sense that it looks like those knots you would tie around your waist with a sash. In other words, i think this bow ring is very subtle but yet it has its own kind of quirkyness and cuteness:D and of course, it will go with anything and everything you wear! So i say it's quite worth the money;)

Dainty Gold Bow Ring available here.

4. Gold Daisy Flower Ring

gold daisy flower ring

funny story actually, yesterday my sister came home with the exact same ring but bought from a local boutique and it was way more expensive than this one sold on Etsy. I really wanted it so now i guess i know where to get it:) This is another piece that goes with basically everything. Also comes in Silver.

Gold Daisy Ring available here.

5. Cute Swallow Necklace

Silver Simple Sparrow Necklace- Pretty Sterling Silver over Brass Bird Classic Pendant on Dainty Sterling Silver Chain with Secure Clasp

another thing that's been trending lately is the swallow. They've been turned into cute prints on dresses to cute charms for jewellery. I, myself do quite like this trend as i've always really loved the elegant shape of the swallow:D so what better way to express your love for swallows or even birds on the whole than with this intricate swallow necklace? It is also great for layering with longer necklaces!

Swallow Necklace available here

6. Gold Heart Necklace

Gold Heart Necklace - Dainty Necklace

A timeless piece, love will never die <3 just like an actual heart, this necklace is very delicate and small. But it's definitely something you can wear every day:) i feel like most dainty necklaces come with fairly short chains but i don't really mind, i think it adds to the whole look. I mean a dainty charm goes with a dainty short chain doesn't it:D

Gold Heart Necklace available here.

7. Two Cute Birds In Love Necklace

Two Cute Birdies in Love - Dainty Necklace on Gold Chain - Ready to Ship

This may not be the most dainty necklace but i still think it counts:) also, it's too cute to not post!! haha Gotta love it!

Two Cute Birdies In Love Necklace available here.

8. Peace Sign Bracelet

Image 1 of ASOS Fine Peace Sign Bracelet

Now I'm not the biggest fan of wearing like big peace signs around your neck as i don't think i can pull them off >< but i think the smaller peace signs are really cute and a lot easier to pull off :) I have really been loving those one charm dainty chain bracelets:D I just think they are so pretty and go with everything, it's all you need to add that bit of girlishness/feminine to your outfit ^^

Peace Sign Bracelet available here

9.Wishbone Bracelet

wishbone bracelet - dainty everyday jewelry

Again with my one charm dainty bracelet obssession:D i've been really loving all those good luck charms like wishbone,horseshoe and clover:) They really stand out to me as Singapore doesn't really sell a lot of those kind of charms, so when i saw them in Sydney i fell in love <3 doesn't get any better than this!

Wishbone Bracelet available here.

10. Horseshoe Studs

These horseshoe studs were so close to coming home with me but as much as I liked them, I didn't dig the price. AU$59. i gave it up:/ but now i regret DDDD: They would've been so worth the money, i would've worn them everyday! but it's okay, i've found the perfect dupe/substitute >:D These are way cheaper:D YAYYY INTERNET!!

Horseshoe Studs available here.

Okay, that's it for this post! see you guys in the next post!


  1. Hi Ling
    It was great to see that you have chose my Bow ring as part of your favorite dainty jewelry.
    Thank you

  2. You're welcome:) Keep up the awesome work! I really do love your jewellery!