Friday, May 13, 2011

Rilakkuma Etsy Finds

i dunno if you guys remember but a while back,i posted a post all about Rilakkuma. and now i'm back with more Rilakkuma! this time, all the Rilakkuma stuff found in this post is from Etsy.

RILAKKUMA Relax Bear Protective Case Bag Pouch for Cell Mobile Phone Camera MP3 MP4 -  iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, Nokia, HTC, Sony

so first up we have this kawaii Rilakkuma phone cover:) it shows Rilakkuma and his friends taking a bath.aww... they are so cute:) i wish they were real,then i could cuddle them(no,the Rilakkuma plushes ain't enough)!!

available here.

Korilakkuma Rilakkuma Swarovski Chandelier Earrings

OMG!!! Korilakkuma earring!! I LOVE IT!! and,because of the cool pink details around,it doesn't look too childish:) great as a gift or for urself:)

available here.

Adorable Relax Bear Style Rings. Choose One.

this has got to be my favourite Rilakkuma Etsy thing ever!! i really want it now!! and 1 of them only costs $5!! double the awesomeness:)

available here.

San-x Rilakkuma kawaii accessory makeup pouch

some help here...... i think im gonna faint,too much Rilakkuma!! ahh!!! I WANT!! it's supposed to be a cosmetic pouch but i personally think you can put things other than cosmetics in it:) yay for versatility!!

available here.

Teddy Bear Tea Party Ring

Blue Teddy Bear Tea Party Ring

ADORABLE!!! these rings are so cute!! i love how there's like everything Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma!the cup,the sandwich and the spoon!! <3 it!!

Korilakkuma one available here.

Rilakkuma one available here.

Kawaii Rilakkuma Relax Bear PINS

that's a whole lot of Rilakkuma pins!!but u can only choose one, or u could just order a whole lot of different ones:) darn,they are all so cute!! one word:IRRESISTIBLE!!

available here.

Sweet Kawaii Rare Limited Rilakkuma Pink Relax Bear cupcake with cherry and whipping toppings

isn't this Rilakkuma necklace just awesome? Rilakkuma as a cupcake?who would have guessed it? it seems u can turn Rilakkuma into anything,and it'll still look cute:)

available here.

Oh My Rilakkuma Charm Bracelet
last but not least,we have this awesome Rilakkuma bracelet:) it has Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma on it,with a heart and 2 yummy cupcakes:)now isn't this just wonderful?Rilakkuma and cupcakes, the 2 most kawaii things ever!! all on one bracelet!! for only $15 bucks!! go get it now!

available here.

okay,we've come to the end of this post,hope u guys enjoyed all my Rilakkuma Etsy Finds:)

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