Sunday, June 12, 2011

Colourful Jeans for the Summer:)

sorry i haven't posted for so long,i've been very busy with schoolwork:( but im back now!!yay:)
okay,so recently, cuz its summer, i've been really into all the colourful prints(esp.floral prints). and yesterday,i bought a pair of colourful blue jeans:) and im totally loving them!! so today,this post is gonna be about colourful jeans:)yay for finally posting a fashion post!!

starting off with this artsy inspirational picture:)

okay,so i'll show u guys jeans according to the colour order above.


Tripp NYC Stretch Skinny Jeans

first up is this Raspberry Pink pair of jeans is a very bold colour.but paired with a white tee and black shoes, this pair of jeans is not hard to pull off:)

Raspberry Pink Jeans available at DollyDagger.

this pair of Pastel Pink Skinny Jeans is less loud than the one before, but i personally like it more:)

available at Blue Banana.

Diesel Matic Skinny Low-Rise Jean - Hot Pink

then of course,there's this Hot Pink pair of jeans:) bright and vibrant,a sure eye catcher;)

available at Urban Outfitters.

RED(its not in the picture though)

i am loving this pair of Bright Red jeans:)u can just let the jeans speak for itself! its loud and edgy:)

available at Hot Topic.

Moto Red Skinny Jeans

a less loud pair of Moto Red jeans for the more quiet kind. but both loud and quiet shade are sure to attract people:)

available at Topshop.


another bright pair of jeans from Hot Topic,i love it how their jeans are so colourful:) is it just me or does these bright colours make u feel so refreshed??

available at Hot Topic.

J Brand

another more toned down pair of Orange jeans. these ones are more expensive but just as good:)

available at JBrand.


Yellow jeans are definitely easier to pull off, and they are such a great way to add a pop of colour to ur outfit:)

available at Hot Topic.

this other pair of Yellow jeans is less orange-ish than the one before. but it's just as AWESOME:)

available at MakeYourOwnJeans.


this pair of Pastel Green jeans are a lot mire toned down than the other bright,vibrant Green jeans. i dunno,but i think i really like pastel jeans now:)

available at Hot Topic.

this pair of jeans are sorta Teal coloured, i really like it:) it's very refreshing and appealing:)

available at Mango.


yay, my favourite colour-Blue:) but this pair of jeans are actually more of a Turquoise colour. no matter where u go,if ur wearing this,then u will surely stand out among the crowd:)

available at Hot Topic.

i luv this pair of Electric Blue jeans:) they're so cool, i totally love this shade of blue:) ELECTRIC BLUE JEANS FTW!!!

available at American Apparel.

PURPLE(i added it)

0.0 check out this cool Purple pair of jeans!! i used to have a pair like this but way lighter. this one is so hip and vibrant!! come on, who wouldn't love this pair of jeans??

available at Hot Topic.

Ecko Red Skinny Denim Jean  - Marc Ecko Enterprises

another pair of Purple jeans. it looks pretty similar from the one before but i think its a bit lighter.but it might just be me. haha:)

available at Marc Ecko.

and that wraps up this colourful fashion post:) i might be very busy this month(tons of homework) so i dun think i'll be able to post much. i apologize:(

anyways, be sure to keep updated here at Ling's Blog:)

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