Friday, July 8, 2011

Angry Birds Tees

so whenever i go out to a shopping centre,and i see pushcarts, at least 3 of them have Angry Birds merchandise. and all the boys in my class have Angry Birds key chains. and i personally think Angry Birds is really cute!! once featured on my Urban Outfitters post, these birds are here to stay!! so come check them out!!

Nerdy Birdy - Angry Birds Sheer Women's T-shirt

i totally want this tee. cuz im kinda considered a nerd in class, and this tee just makes nerds look cute:) haha

Nom Nom Nom - Angry Birds Sheer Women's T-shirt

who doesn't love donuts?? a sweet treat once in a while can do wonders:)

I'm Hot With My Sling Shot - Angry Birds Sheer Women's T-shirt

hell yeah!! u'll be sizzling in this tee:)

The Bird Is The Word - Angry Birds T-shirt

can u say the b word?? as in B-I-R-D!! yup, im pretty sure Angry Birds is heading for world domination.

Stop The Madness - Angry Birds Sheer Women's T-shirt

last but not least,we've got this tee spreading the message"STOP THE MADNESS!!". u got that rite.

all Angry Birds Tees shown above are available at MyTeeSpot.

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