Friday, January 20, 2012

It's 2012!! The year of the Dragon:D

hey guys:) i haven't talked to you all for SO LONG!! sorry:( i've been really busy with my new school. I can't keep up:/ but i'd just like to wish all of you guys a happy 2012!!! hope you guys had fun ringing in the new year:) now, to celebrate the new year, i'm gonna show you guys  2 new cute shops:D


okay first up is this super kawaii Etsy store called Loopz:) they sell cute modern art for all ages complete with super hero themed calendars:DD

2012 Calendar, Cute Animal Printable
For the year 2012, Loopz offers you a printable calendar so you can keep track of every day of 2012:) and they come in really cute animal form!!

Printable 2012 Calendar available here.

Super hero art print 5 x 7 set of 6
I don't know about you guys, but i've always loved superheroes:) From the Justice League to The Avengers, i loved them all^_^ my all time favourite has got to be Batman:) and this set of prints make him look so cute haha:D

Cute Superhero Prints available here.

Mario and Luigi 5x7 art prints set fo 2

in case you guys didn't already know, i love Mario:) he's my favourite video game character, ahahaha so cute!! shoutout to those Mario Kart players, ,<3 IT!!

Mario and Luigi Print available here.

Think Happy Be Happy 8x10 art Print

need some positive inspiration to brighten your day? why not buy this feel good print? i personally love to paste inspirational posters on my room wall:) they look good and make me feel good:) and this print comes in all kinds of colours:)

Think Happy, Be Happy Print available here.

Is that cute enough for you? If you like those prints shown above, do check out Loopz:)


Next up, we have a very cute store called Bora,if your looking for cute fabrics,  and if your looking just for cute stuff,they also have an Etsy store, so do check it out:)

From Bora's fabric store on Spoonflower, we have this uber cute elephant print which my sister would love:P haha so is crazy about elephants:) but i have to admit, this one is adorable:)

Cute Elephant Fabric available here.

another fabric print from the Bora Spoonflower shop is this cute cat fabric print:) they're chasing after the balls of string, haha isn't that just the cutest thing ever? simply irresistible:))

Cute Cat Fabric available here.

Tea Time kawaii magnets

From the Bora Etsy store, is this set of fridge magnets:) i would love to see this every time i open the fridge door haha:)

Set of 8 Fridge Magnets available here.

If you like what you saw above, there are many more adorable fabric prints at Bora's Spoonflower shop and  Etsy shop for you to chose from:)

So i'm gonna end off the post here. HAPPY 2012 EVERYONE:) here's to the New Year ahead!! and thanks for reading:)

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