Saturday, November 19, 2011

Moustache Madness:D

hi guys, in case you didn't know, i'm pretty obsessed with moustaches now:) i don't actually like real hairy moustaches, i like moustache related things, like jewelry,plushies, etc. cuz the fake moustaches are really cute i find:) so today i went online and i managed to find some of my favourite moustache related things! here they are!!

1. Moustache Double Ring

i really like double rings, i think they add a fresh twist to the normal one fingered rings:) and they're really cute! i'm quite obsessed with rings on the whole, and i actually bought this moustache double ring not long ago, it's really easy to match. it'll definitely add a cute touch to any outfit:)

Moustache Double Ring available at Ebay.

2. Moustache Necklace
Black Moustache Necklace .. English Gentleman Movember Vintage Pendant

other than rings, they also have moustache necklaces!! Awesome!! i actually saw one at a Diva outlet near my house yesterday, it was the last piece left so i grabbed it and went to pay for it:) it's really cute and worth the money!! it's also easy matching^-^

Moustache Necklace available at Etsy.

3. Moustache Cursor

yes, now you can actually get a moustache cursor for your computer!!! how great is the Internet man! love it<3

Moustache Cursor available for download at Cursors4u.

4. I Heart Moustaches T-Shirt

if you're a moustache fanatic like myself, you can now let the world know it:) by the power of a teeshirt!!! i personally love tees with a message, and a cute one at that:) so this t-shirt is a must-have for me! o.O

I Heart Moustaches T-Shirt available at

5. Blue Octopus Moustache Plush
Blue Octopus Plush Toy with Moustache

what better to cuddle up with than a octopus moustache plush? like seriously, it's an octopus with a moustache! CUTE MAX!!! and it's in my fave colour, BLUE:) 2 of my fave things rolled into one!! Awesome^-^

Blue Octopus Plush available at Etsy.

6. Moustache Mug

even your mug can be stylish:) just add a moustache on it and your good to go! this definitely will stand out among the crowd:D

Moustache Mug available at SloganMugs.


okay, see you guys in the next post!!

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  1. You forgot the mustache ear rings! Aaaaw I'm so madly in love with mustache rite now!