Monday, November 30, 2009

Song Of The Day !!

HELLO WORLD!! Here's yesterday's Song of the Day. I'm sorry i didn't do the Song of the Day thing yesterday , i was watching ''TOGETHER" on channel 8 mediacorp haha.

So yesterday's Song of the Day was " Bleeding Love " by Leona Lewis .

I was introduced to this song by my sisters .Leona Lewis has written many wonderful songs but i think this one is really unforgettable .


And Today's Song Of The Day is ''Hot n Cold" by Katy Perry.

My older sister used have this song as her ringtone for her phone so when her phone rang i would sing along till she answered the phone hehe. I think Katy Perry is a very talented artist and very bold. U guys should see the music video for Hot n Cold, it's quite funny .

Enjoy and pls comment !!

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