Friday, November 27, 2009

Song Of The Day !!

Hi sorry i didn't post for a few days.. i'm kinda sick but im getting better , no worries:)
So i was looking around at other blogs then i had this idea- i decided to give u guys like, umm, a link to a different song everyday so u ppl can listen to it . I guess i got bored (haha) ,i'll also give u some info abt the song with the link and i'll call this whole thing Song of the Day!!

Okay , let's start now.

So today's song will be ''Your Call'' by Secondhand Serenade .
Personally, i think that the lyrics of this song are really meaningful and my favourite line in the song is definitely "I was born to tell u i love u" so touching and well i think the meaning of this song is probably
like the singer has just gone through a break up and he really misses his ex- girlfriend something like that ...

Anyway, here's the link ( Enjoy!!!


  1. Hi yuling! This is Cherubics! That is kinda a good idea cuz on my blog i also had a daily animal pic while u have ur daily song everyday, i so didn't know u were sick and i hope u will recover as quickly as possible, or maybe u r already ok. Missing u and sry i didn't call u when i promised to... i forgot ur number, u no sometimes we suddenly forget things, yup.

  2. anyways really missing u pls call as soon as u see the comment k

  3. n i sort of got the song of the day idea when i read ur daily pic