Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hello peeps!! Remember how i was telling u that i'll be going to Korea for my holidays? Well, its gonna be like winter time there so yesterday me and my Ma went to Zara to get some winterwear .

My Ma said i needed a new winter jacket cuz my other one was too small for me . And i ended up buying this long black jacket with some buttons ,to tell u the truth ,i thought it was a bit old fashioned but i was desperate so i bought it.

I was more pleased with my other purchase which was this two piece dress that u have to wear with jeans . The best thing about that dress is that i can wear it with my boots, who knows, i might even be able to bring it to Korea(:


  1. Hey, i wrote in my diary that i dreadfully miss our class! Guess we weren't prepared. Guess what i am really fustrated with the idea of changing my room. It is lots more work than i ever imagined. tell you i really want it to be awesom, but i can tell that its gonna be tough. Oh and t'day i bought a really cool demin short skirt, normally i just hate skirts but this on really rocks! Oh yah, and also along with also very very cool shirt, better than all the shirts in my wardrobe. Toodles, i write again soon:) And im missing u lots!