Friday, May 28, 2010

A song dedicated to Rachelate!!

hey its me again ppl, now u know i get my best song writing ideas when i'm in the bathroom .... and so i created this song for my dearest BFF, Rachelate.

Best Friends Forever

Verse 1 : Finding a friend like u , has made me happy enough. you've accompanied me, along this journey and i know that one day , we'll go our separate ways so i'll cherish every moment with u...

Chorus : Best friends forever, even if we argue sometimes, u know we'll make up in the end.. Best friends forever, i'll never find another that's any better than u.. u and me together, best friends forever ....

Verse 2 : Rain or shine, i know u'll always be there for me, and everything u did for me, didn't go unnoticed... but i know that one day, we'll go our separate ways, so all the more, i'll cherish every moment with u..

(Repeat chorus)

Bridge : I'll take this chance... to say thank u for everything u've done!!!

Ending: no, i'll never find another, any better than u, best friends forever , u'll stay in my heart forever... u'll always be my best friend forever...

thanks for everything RACHELATE!!

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