Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The tiny fig

i found this cool website

check out the cool things i found there!

French Toast T-Shirt
Image of French Toast Shirt

who doesn't like french toast? and this one is so cute too!! this guy comes with a mustache,proof of french descendant.haha.

available here.

Cute Alien Necklace
Image of Pax Polaroid Necklace

aww... just look at it's face!! definitely the most adorable alien ever!! <3 it!!

available here.

Cute Dumpling Notebooks
Image of Dim Sum Notebook

ohm nom nom!! YUMMY!! i love dumplings:) me and my BFF Rachel actually eat them during recess .they are really popular so most of the time we have to wait till it's almost the end of recess to eat them.but i think they are just so kawaii on this notebook!! and it's actually one of the best sellers:) yay,everyone LOVES dumplings:)

available here.

Chomper The Monster Blue Earrings
Image of Chomper The Blue Monster Earrings - Sterling Silver Posts

meet Chomper the blue monster:)he is probably the cutest monster ever!! even with those sharp teeth,he is still so adorable!!! and plus,blue is my fav colour so i have more reasons to like it:) haha.

available here.

all items available at The Tiny Fig.

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