Friday, July 30, 2010

new updates on shanalogic + more cool stuff!!

Tiny Cloud Stud Earrings

Tiny Cloud Stud Earrings (new arrival)

Sooooo cute!!

Check out these completely over-the-top adorable stud earrings featuring perfect smiling little clouds!! They're so tiny and their fluffiness and cute expressions make them the perfect 'everyday' earrings.

Retro Block Hairclips - Pink

Retro Block Hairclips - Pink

So retro cute!

These silver-toned bobbies featuring your favorite childhood building blocks are perfect for sweeping back your bangs, accenting braids and ponytails or sticking in a bun. They're so cute AND a great find! Two come in a pair.

Image of Black Cat & Fishbone Necklace
Aww look, this sweet little black cat has been out hunting and returned with a nice little gift. Why thank you Mr.Cat - I will treasure this delightful smelly fishbone forever and ever!

get it while its still in stock!!

Image of Gnarly Narwhal Necklace
This cute little narwhal necklace comes in either blue or black - just like real narwhals! Hmm...
Blue narwhal is joined by his trusty black umbrella and a tiny white heart charm.

Image of Skull Stud Earrings
Image of Skull Stud Earrings
You may have noticed Kookizu likes a cute skull! These little studs will add a touch of scary/cute to your look. Choose from plain skulls or extra cute ones with tiny 3D sparkly bow decorations.

Image of Skull & Crossbones Rings
a ring version of the earring skulls (also available with bow)

come back soon to check for more updates on songs, cute stuff and fashion.