Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baby loves Pink

Buy all 3 super cute peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and share with your best friends! Perfect gift for your bff :)

available here.

Scented Sprinkled Chocolate Donut Necklace ( Large )

This super cute sprinkled donut necklace really smells like real donuts! Donut is chocolate dipped with rainbow color sprinkles on top.the donut is soft and squishy. Comes in a cute hostess cupcake gift box!

available here.

Strawberry Truffle Necklace

Sweet Strawberry Truffle Necklace! Cute little strawberry cream filled chocolate. This sweet piece of candy is made of strong polymer clay.

available here.

Cupcake Necklace (Large)

u know, personally i think cupcakes are the most kawaii kind of food, weird thing is , i hate eating it:) comes in 3 flavours.

available here.

Rainbow Sprinkled Donut Necklace

Donuts again, but it's a different flavour, slightly different. looks yummy, ohm nom nom!!

available here.

Sweet Parfait Necklace

i also love ice cream sundaes!! these look a bit like the ones they sell at McDonald's , yummy!!

available here.

Sweet Rainbow Lollipop Necklace

i've tried this really big lollipop that looks like this and it was so big, i couldn't even finish eating it, ever since then, i never dared to eat those kinds of lollipops again:)

available here.

Yummy Burger Necklace

i have a classmate that LOVES LITERALLY everything at McDonald's, especially burgers:) like this one!!

available here.

Chocolate Cookie Stud Earrings

do u love cookies? now u can have them on ur ears!! with in 2 flavours to choose from(shown above)

available here.

Icecream Sandwich Earrings

I love icecream sandwiches! This pair of earring is perfect for icecream sandwich lovers out there. Please don't eat this one though!

available here.

all available at Baby Loves Pink:)

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