Monday, July 5, 2010

Rings Galore!!

Leafy Tree Silhouette.  Handpainted Art Ring.
isn't this ring cool, and its water resistant too!! and adjustable!! to buy it go to

dreams of provence . a rose bouquet lace ring
a snowy rose bouquet,
soft french lavender color,
beneath frosty winter ice,
a dusty matte texture.

a filigree ring,
antiqued, lace,
lovely detailed.

bond together to form this magical, romantic and feminine ring so feminine that is fit for a princess.sturdy and tough, lace ring is malleable enough to withstand the size adjustment.

rose bouquet is bonded to the antiqued lace ring with industrial strength glue that dries clear. go to

Bold Green and Brown Glass Pearl Oversized Cluster Ring
This statement ring is made up of several sizes of glass pearls in a variety of earthy greens and browns clustered and bunched together on an adjustable ring base. This unique ring will certainly make a statement. The ring adjusts up from approximately a size 6.5, which makes it perfect for switching around from finger to finger depending on your mood. go to

SALE - Ring Around The Rosies.  Handpainted Art Ring.
Simple, yet bright enough to stand out and draw attention.

Perfectly iconic, white rice wrapped in seaweed, with a variety of
fillings! It's a popular (and cute!) food from Japan.

Laser cut printed acrylic, adjustable ring band fits all sizes. go to

Tiny Loves.  Handpainted Art Ring.

Cute and simple.go to

Cosmic Crescendo.  Handpainted Art Ring.

Bold and fun!go to

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