Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Story of Birthstones...

Hi guys,here are the 12 different birthstones for all the different months.

January : Garnet

Characteristics of the Garnet include consistency, endurance, creativity and patience. Although the Garnet is traditionally red in color, the stone ranges from a colorless hue to black but does not come in blue. Garnet is the daily gemstone for Tuesday and the planetary gemstone for the zodiac sign of Scorpio.


Modern: Amethyst

Meanings associated with the Amethyst are sincerity, intuition and motivation. A member of the Quartz family, the Amethyst is thought to calm nerves and emotions and provide mental clarity. The Amethyst is the daily gemstone for Thursday.


Modern: Aquamarine

The Aquamarine depicts courage, creativity, health, perception and hope. It is also associated with awareness and spiritual energy. Aquamarine is the planetary gemstone for the zodiac sign of Pisces.


Modern: Diamond

The diamond symbolizes innocence, eternity, courage and health. The purest of all the gemstones and the hardest substance known to man, the diamond has an ability to reflect light, which many believe increases personal clarity of the mind and body. Diamonds are the daily gemstone of Saturday.


Modern: Emerald

Love, success, happiness and goodness are some of the meanings associated with the Emerald. Many believe that wearing an Emerald brings life, heals mental and emotional causes of physical illness. The Emerald is the daily gemstone for Friday and the birthstone for the zodiac sign of Taurus.


Modern: Pearl

The Pearl stands for faith, charity, innocence, health and peace. These organic gemstones are believed to aid anger issues and increase creativity. The Pearl is the daily gemstone for Monday.


Modern: Ruby

Characteristics of the Ruby include nobility, love, contentment, enthusiasm and strength. Rubies are thought to open the heart and promote love, allowing joy to come to those who wear it. The Ruby is the gemstone for the Zodiac sign of Scorpio.


Modern: Peridot

Success, peace, married happiness, luck and courage are associated with the Peridot. A symbol of a pure heart and mind, the Peridot also stands for innocence and faith.


Modern: Sapphire

The Sapphire symbolizes clear thinking, wisdom, serenity, purity and truth. Many believe that those who wear the Sapphire are better able to distinguish between the mind and the spiritual self, enhancing mental clarity. The Sapphire is the daily gemstone for Wednesday.


Learning about birthstones and their meaning continues with the month of October.

Modern: Opal

The Opal stands for hope, purity, health and innocence. Many believe that those who wear the Opal will be treated to a greater understanding of life's possibilities and will discover new and different views of the world they live in. Opals are also believed to assist in healing.


Modern: Topaz

Courage, fidelity, wisdom and serenity are the characteristics of the Topaz. These gems are associated with mental clarity and focus and many believe that those who wear them will experience a reduction in mood swings and worries.


Birthstones and their meaning continues with the gems of December.

Modern: Blue Zircon

Meanings associated with the Blue Zircon are success, love, luck, happiness and prosperity. Zircons are thought to increase intuition, durability and steadiness. Many believe that those who wear the Zircon will experience a decrease in depression and insomnia.

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