Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Went to Doota!!

Hi, okay today we went to this big shopping mall called Doota. Personally, i really liked shopping there cuz they have a lot of nice accessories and i bought this really cute navy blue hairband with a rose on the side.

I didn't manage to get a nice pair of skinny jeans but i got this extra soft and furry vest thingy. Oh, i also got this gingerbread man clip .

I have to say that my sister's did the real shopping , my older sis got 2 winter jackets - one white , one pink and a hairband that's the same design as mine but it's silver. My second sis got 3 belts , one hairband like mine too(they all like that hairband) and a matching clip .

Basically, we literally stayed in Doota the whole afternoon but it was really fun!!

okay bye!!

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