Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shopping at Paragon

Hello, okay basically,this post is abt wat i did today n stuff like that cuz i'm like running out of "MATERIAL".

Anyway, so I was at Paragon and my Ma was looking for a bag.. so she went to this TOD'S store. I think she probably forgot her glasses cuz she missed out alot of nice bags..

We ended up leaving the store then coming back again cuz we met my Aunt and she has way better eyesight than my mum n she saw this really nice bag at the TOD'S store so my mum rushed back to the store and tried on the bag .... the thing is... the bag was made out of leather and had weird stains and white patches all over so my mum REJECTED the bag.

And i was like , okay, that's where i draw the line. I mean, there was this other guy in the store who was eyeing that leather bag and man, the dude just couldn't make up his mind but he decided not to get the bag in the end. So just to confirm, i went up to him and asked him, " So u don't want the bag? Cuz my mum wants it."'

My Ma should be down on her knees thanking me for that but nooo, she just REJECTS the sweet bag .............................

HAHA , just kidding but other than the bag thingy, we got this interesting new product from The Body Shop it's called Cuticle Oil makes ur nails SHINY!!!

okay that way too many paragraphs so im gonna stop here , bye and catch ya later for yesterday's and today's Song Of The Day!!


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