Friday, October 7, 2011

Cute Iphone Covers:)

hi guys. my exams are finally over!! WOOHOO!! so now i can post more:) so recently, as u guys all know.... Steve Jobs died a few days ago. Sadly:( RIP Steve Jobs. so this post is gonna be all about Iphone covers. Cute ways to customize the almighty Iphone:p

1. Rabito Iphone Cover
rabito iphone case
so the first Iphone cover is the rabbit one which i'm sure everyone is familiar with...
i think its really cute!! i love the fluffy tail:) its actually used as an Iphone stand. cool huh?
it comes in various colours too!!

Rabito Iphone Cover available here.

2. Cath Kidston

i have to say that i seriously love all the Iphone covers made by Cath Kidston:) i love the polka dot and floral print covers!! Polka dots and floral prints are my favourite prints:) these Cath Kidston covers are awesome and trendy!!

Gmarket sells them at cheap prices:)

Cath Kidston Iphone Covers available here.

3. Rilakkuma Iphone Covers
San-X Rilakkuma iPhone 4 Soft Cover with Cute Ears (Rilakkuma)
yay for Rilakkuma!! this cover is so irresistibly cute! <3 it! there's nothing much to say about it, this cover speaks for itself!!

Rilakkuma Iphone Cover available here.

4.Tokidoki Iphone Cover
Limited Edition Case
this Iphone cover is totally cool and cute!! i love all the colours:) awesome!!
Tokidoki Iphone Cover available here.

5.Hello Kitty Iphone Cover
Hello Kitty iPhone® 4 Case: Candy
i wouldn't say i'm a big fan of hello kitty but this Iphone cover is really cute!! i cant deny the fact that i really feel like buying this cover:) hello kitty with yummy sweets:)

Hello Kitty Iphone Cover available here.

6.Jetoy Cat Iphone Cover

i posted some Jetoy stuff a while back and now im posting it again:) they're just too cute man!!

Jetoy Cats Iphone Cover available here.

okay thats all i got for today, remember to follow:) thank you!


  1. I love your post. You quiet came with nice covers for phones. I am wondering about the covers for iPod and iPad.

  2. thanks so much for your suggestion:) really appreciate it! i'm working on a post for Ipod and Ipad covers right now;)