Friday, November 18, 2011

Ku-ki Shop

hey guys:) sorry i haven't updated for a while, been really busy organizing everything for my graduation. i hope you'll forgive me cuz i cant blog daily:/ but today i'm back with a super cute shop i found:) it's called Ku-ki Shop, and it sells a whole bunch of handmade cute jewelry!! come check it out!

first up, we have this super kawaii(and not to mention irresistible) pair of bunny ice cream earrings!! how cute is that! if you wear it, you'll surely stand out among the crowd! :)

Bunny Ice Cream Earrings available here.

next, we have another fellow bunny ice cream friend:) but this one's a necklace and it's pink:) oh so cute!!! in falling in love with,like, all the stuff at Ku-ki Shop!!<3 it!

Pink Bunny Ice Cream Necklace available here.

this charm bracelet is definitely one of my favourites:) i just love all the pastel colours:) it's just so pretty!! reminds me of rainbows:D

Rainbow Pastel Bears Charm Bracelet available here.

OMG!!! i just saw this, and it's so so so cute!! i love the whole vintage feel of this necklace;) and a plus point is that it's a locket!! MY FAVE!!! <3 this necklace man, seriously, what's there not to love about it? it even has the Alice in Wonderland characters inside the locket!!

Alice In Wonderland Locket Necklace available here.

now isn't this the cutest air of earrings ever!! sticking to the Alice In Wonderland theme again(yays), Ku-ki Shop presents you with this uber kawaii pair of ear studs^-^ featuring Alice and The White Rabbit:D what's there not to love about it?

Alice In Wonderland Ear Studs available here.

not exactly the normal cute jewelry you see in Ku-ki Shop, but i love it how it's so vintage looking! i'm pretty obsessed with rings right now, especially these kind! <3ing it!

Vintage Flower Ring available here.

Okay, that's all for today:) be sure to check out Ku-ki Shop!!

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