Saturday, November 5, 2011

Today's Theme-Locket Necklaces(from Etsy)

hi guys, sorry I haven't been updating my blog for so long:( It's actually because I was away for a pretty long while in Shanghai, but more on that later. So today, i'm back and i'm gonna be sharing with you my latest obsession-Locket Necklaces. i think they're really cute and sentimental, you can put pictures of people who are close to your heart, or carve a message in it. i feel like it's a very very meaningful piece of jewelry:) that's why i love it! the next few locket necklaces i'm about to show you are all from Etsy.

Image Locket with Small Red Peacock Feather on 14kt Gold Filled Chain

Image Locket with Small Red Peacock Feather on 14kt Gold Filled Chain
so first up is this really cute simple peacock feather,red locket necklace. I personally think this is a uber sweet necklace, it's very unique too, and there's only one available, so nobody will have the same one as you:) Get it before it's out of stock!

Red Peacock Feather Locket Necklace available here.

Vintage Locket, Long, Turquoise And Pink Flowers Necklace

next up is this very vintage-looking locket. i totally love it;) from the intricate carving on the locket to the little details like the pink and blue beads, everything about it is so pretty! definitely worth the money:)

Vintage Locket Necklace available here.

Vintage Locket. Lilac Purple Flower and Black Lace Filigree Locket Necklace

this locket here is one of the pretty rare ones that are made mostly with fabric, not metal. so you don't have to worry about the whole thing rusting. i think this is a very sweet vintage locket, and i think the purple Lilac flower adds just the right pop of colour to it:)

Vintage Purple Lilac Locket Necklace available here.

Rose heart locket necklace in antique brass

another cute locket, but this one's heart shaped;) i kinda like the heart lockets more than the circular ones, but overall, both kinds are really sweet though! this one here has a rose design carved on it and some cute little beads, very beautiful:)

Rose Heart Locket Necklace available here.

Art Locket Necklace-Groovy Multi Color Peace Sign-h203

Art Locket Necklace-Groovy Multi Color Peace Sign-h203

now this is what i call a unique locket necklace. hardly do i ever see peace lockets!! this is so cool! loving it! the artwork is amazing, and it is so worth it for the price! :)

Peace Sign Locket Necklace available here.

Art Locket Necklace-Flower Power-h201

another beautiful locket from the same shop, damn, i just love their artwork on the lockets!! so much effort taken! Respect:) their lockets are one of a kind, meaning you'll never see anyone with the same one:) how awesome is that?! ^-^

Floral Locket Necklace available here.

okay, that's all from me for today:) I hope you guys liked these locket necklaces as much as i did:) they're all really pretty, and they're all handmade,how awesome can this get?! ^-^

see you guys on the next post, bye!

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