Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Read My Book - Topic:Kevin ( my arch-enemy)

There he was - Kevin. i remember it was the first day of school when our feud started.I really can't stand him. I've been scolded countless of times because of this feud between the both of us.I remember all the days when Kevin would sing songs like 'Billionaire" and "We Are The World" . Sure, it was irritating but somehow i admire his courage , no matter how many times people scold him, insult him, he never really breaks down, he's always so strong in that sense.

Kevin has mood swings. Big time. Sometimes he's happy and cheerful ,other days he's angry and moody, and if u push him or make any physical contact when he's angry, he'll scream at the top of his lungs," Don't touch me!!!" .

It's weird how Kevin and me share a lot in common but yet we're still enemies.

Maybe one day we'll be friends , i'll let time tell.....

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