Thursday, August 5, 2010

Read My Book - Topic: The 4 of us

The 4 of us - JiaJun , Gregory, Bernice and me. We sit together in the classroom. We are in the same group and we really bond well.

JiaJun is super funny and Gregory is very different from JiaJun . Gregory is a nerd but he is at the same time not smart but silly, whenever i ask him a question, he never fails to make me smile!!

JiaJun on the other hand, is sarcastic yet super funny, he comes up with the funniest jokes and always gets bullied by Bernice.He told me loads of funny stories of his life.I feel very relaxed when i'm around him.

Bernice is pretty violent but she'll help u out if you're loyal to her.

The 4 of us are very different but we learn to cherish each other.


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