Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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Puppy Love.
A different kind of puppy love. This one is between the puppy and you. (:

This little puppy keychain is made of polymer clay and is a about 1 inch long.
(He's attached to a black keychain, so you can always have him around.)

go here to get it.

My Sunshine Flower Ring.
A light yellow vintage rose, to remind you of the simple, yet beautiful things in life. The "flower" is about 0.75 inches in diameter, attached to a silvertone adjustable ring base. (Adjustable to almost any size, but fits sizes 5 and up better.)

When Pigs Fly - OOPS.
we all know the saying"pigs will fly
e.g By the time u get 99/100 marks for ur test , pigs will fly.

no pigs still can't fly , but this may be the closest thing we've got to it.
check it out here.

Be My Penguin Ring.
if some of u who saw this thought it was a bird, well actually it is a penguin.
Did you know that when a penguin has found its mate, they stay together for the rest of their lives? .

check out the downabove shop here

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