Saturday, August 21, 2010

Paul Frank

What would we do without our laptops? Probably wander aimlessly. So they certainly deserve our protection and attention. here are the Paul Frank laptop covers to help u maintain the beautiful care of ur laptop.

Paul Frank headphones, what could be more perfect?Inspired by Paul Frank's iconic design creations, Skullcandy drops a Skull+ collaboration that brings fresh Julius energy to everyone's ears. Top-quality sound as only Skullcandy can deliver.

Glossy, lip smackin' goodness. This moisturizing boxed set includes Julius' Red Raspberry, Bunny Girl's Carrot Cake, Chachi's Friend Ice Cream, Mika's Sweet Cream, Spicoli's Spumani, and Julius' Strawberry Banana.

Talk about lip service. Make your mouth happy with this cute collection of moisturizing Lip Smackers, all bundled in a cheery Julius clutch with two zip-top pockets that's perfect for storage and travel. Includes Julius' Coconut Cream Lip Smacker, Clancy's Cotton Candy Squeezy Lip Smacker, Julius' Strawberry Banana Liquid Lip Smacker, and Worry Bear's Honey Sweet Lip Smacker.

these Paul Frank portfolios are perfect for storing your school worksheets!! it will prevent them from becoming dog-eared , this is also great for me cuz my mum always scolds me for having dog-eared worksheets all over the place.and their cute too!!

and notebooks to write down notes for school or anything u wanna do with it!!

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