Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Madame Colonelle

cute kittens from Madame Colonelle
Cute kitten with star
Cute kitten with cupcake
Cute kitten with donut
Cute kitten with donut
Cute kitten with star
aren't these kittens so cute!look at their big googly eyes!!
go get them here.

Bracelets from Madame Colonelle
Strawberry bracelet
Blueberry bracelet
Rasberry mixed with a bit of blackberry bracelet
 Pistachio bracelet
monster bracelets! what could be cuter?

Earrings from Madame Colonelle
Silver Monster Earrings
Cute Boy Earrings
Cutee Lady Earrings
'Cute and Lovely Gingerbread Girl' Earrings
Stripes Monsters Earrings
cute monsters and pandas! get more here.

hope u enjoy Madame Colonelle's designs!!

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