Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cute Teapots by Shinzi Katoh Design

have you seen these uber-cute teapots by Shinzi Katoh Design?they are sure to make u smile and cheer u up when ur feeling down:) so come check them out!!

Animal Mini Pot[Rabbit RED]

Animal Mini Pot[Rabbit BLUE]
it goes great with this year being the Rabbit year and all, and not only can u put tea in it, u can also put in soy sauce , cream,regular sauce ,vinegar etc. as shown in the photos above. the rabbit head is actually the pot lid:) i mean, like how cute is that?

Facile Mini Pot[Pig]

Facile Mini Pot[Frog]

Facile Mini Pot[Rabbit]

more kawaii animal-themed teapots:) i love the pig one the most:) my sisters say im a pig, guess its cuz im a natural born procrastinator:) hee hee. these teapots would also make a great gift too:)

all teapots shown above are available here.

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