Friday, April 15, 2011


have you guys heard of Tsai-fi?it sells the cutest range of Japanese inspired stuff,so prepare to be blown away in theTsai-fi world of geishas,dust bunnis,mermaids and CUTENESS:)

okay,so let's come and check this store out!

starting with the prints!

Rollin' with Rocky

one of my faves:)the name of this print is "Rollin' With Rocky".It's the thing i love about this print is the girl,i mean i love her face,her hair and i love the dog too:)but really,what's there not to love?

Rollin' With Rocky Print available here.

Pass the Mic Print Series 2

this print here is called"Pass The Mic".the bird totally reminds me of myself during karaoke sessions.....major mic hogger.......heh. but the thing i love about this print is mostly the innocent looking sweet and pretty:)

Pass The Mic Print available here.

Dragon Fish Print

another one of my faves,the Dragon Fish Print,totally Japanese inspired.the girl that's fishing is called a Katkeshi, it's so graceful and dainty:)this cutie is wearing a sweet blue kimono with fishes on it, and of course, she's fishing:) total cuteness to another level<3

Dragon Fish Print available here.

Owl Mistress  Print

this print is called 'Owl Mistress",kinda obvious why rite?dang,the owls are so cute and that girl really seemed obsessed with them.and i TOTALLY want that girl's headband!! someone, make it for me, pleeeaaassse... kidding , kidding haha:) love this print:)

Owl Mistress Print available here.

Luau Lulu Print

this Hawaiian cutie goes by the name of Luau Lulu,which is also the name of the print.i love this print cuz of the colours,and of course,the illustration:) such vibrant colours are just so refreshing to look at:) and the illustration is AMAZING:) Hawaiian cuties FTW!!

Luau Lulu Print available here.

loads more other prints available here.

now for some jewellery!!

Smashed at Sea Sparkle Pendant

this sailor mergirl is chilling out with a cocktail drink in hand:) uber-cute!! if u love the sea,mermaids and nautical colours, u'll love this Smashed at Sea Sparkle pendant:)

Smashed at Sea Sparkle Pendant available here.

Nerdy Birdy Heart Cameo Necklace

who can resist em' kawaii birds?not me! i love them:)and by the way, if u didn't know,that circle around the birdy's eye is supposed to be his specs,cuz he's a Nerdy Birdy:) oh and each necklace is unique cuz it is hand painted, so no two are the same,how awesome is that?3 colours to choose from:Blue,Green and Red.

Nerdy Birdy Necklace available here.

Dust Bunni Heart Cameo Necklace

and of course,not to forget, the Tsai-fi signature dust bunni(yes,it's spelt like that) necklace!!!cuteness with an edge:) also available in 3 colours: Orange,Black and Yellow

Dust Bunni Heart necklace available here.

more jewellery available here.

also,check out the kawaii accessories!!
Nerdy Birdy Pin Set

another one from the Nerdy Birdy:) these cute pins come in a set of 3 and have 3 different coloured birds on each one. love their geeky specs:) i find weird specs really amusing and cute!

Nerdy Birdy Set of 3 Pins available here.

Katkeshi Pin Set

another set of 3 pins from the Katkeshi collection:)which one's ur fave?mine's the pink one:)love her kimono!

Katkeshi Set of 3 Pins available here.

more pins available here.

and guess what?Tsai-fi sells Iphone covers too!! OMG!!!

Sweet Treats iPhone 3G Cover

Dolled Up iPhone 3G Cover

Last Call iPhone 3G Cover

Dolly Dolphin iPhone 3G Cover

all covers available here.

oh and last but not least,check out the Tsai-fi tees!!!

Sweetest Blossom Tee

Final Sweep Tee in Chocolate

Berry Lucky Tee in Navy

Best Night Ever Tee in White

all clothing available here.

have fun shopping at Tsai-fi

and be sure to keep updated here at Ling's Blog!!

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