Friday, April 29, 2011


i used to think Domo was overrated but recently,my friend Rachel got a Domo pouch and that made me totally love Domo.i realised he really is cute and that he deserves a long post on my blog:) so come check it out!!

Image of Domo Kun Tote Bag

first up is this kawaii Domo tote bag:) i actually saw my ex-english teacher carrying this bag a week's so furry!!!dang,i want it sooo badly now:)

Domo Tote Bag available at PuffMonkey.

Plush Domo Backpack Character

another Domo bag:) this one's a backpack.a few days ago, i saw a girl carrying this exact Domo bag:) i immediately took out my phone and snapped a shot of it:) i bet she probably thought i was like a stalker or smth:)

Domo Backpack available at BeatDropsCloset.

Domo Air Freshener: Automotive - photo

are you wondering what this is?? it's a Domo air freshener!!wow.they really make literally EVERYTHING become Domo themed!! Domo is taking over the world!!haha:) it's only $5! and after the smell fades,you can use it as a key chain,pretty worth the money rite??

Domo Air Freshener available at Shop Response.

Domo Kun Waving Colored Sticker Decal - Click Image to Close cute is this Domo decal?? i'm lovin it!! even with it's sharp teeth showing,Domo still looks friendly and kawaii:)

Domo Decal available at StickerKings.

Domo Kun Bank

nope,this is surely not ur average cute Domo's also a piggy bank!!! it's like a 2 in 1 thing:) u get a kawaii figurine + a coin bank,all rolled into one!! now how awesomely cute is that??

Domo Coin Bank available at Amazon.

okay,is it just me or is Domo getting cuter just as we speak?? i mean look at these Domo phone pouches!! two words:SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE!!

Domo Phone Pouch available at Aliexpress.

and this little Domo goodie is totally FREE!! it's a downloadable Domo desktop wallpaper:) liitle Domos and big Domos:) all so kawaii i couldn't ask for more!!

Domo Desktop Wallpaper available at Kawaii Wallpapers.

last but not least,we have this uber-kawaii Domo IPhone cover:) okay,have i told u guys i totally want an Iphone just cuz i wanna dress it up with all kinds of kawaii covers:) i know,probably a really lame reason to get an Iphone rite? haha:)

Domo Iphone Cover available at HelloKittyXL.

okay,that's all the Domokun i've got for now:) see ya next time!!


  1. All pictures are so cute I like all of them. I also have domo Kun bag which is gifted by my friend.

    Domo Pictures

  2. hi johnn34:) glad you liked the post! i know right! Domo is superrrrr cute!! wow, thats a nice fren u have there haha:)i wanted the domokun bag too but i probably wouldnt use it so yeah;)
    thanks for your comment!