Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kawaii Watches!

a watch is super handy and great.but what is better
than a watch?a cute watch!! in the post,i'm gonna show
you some watches i found on the web:)so come check them out!!

My Neighbor Totoro SEIKO ALBA Quartz Watch ACBS741

starting off with this kawaii Totoro watch:)how can u resist the temptation to buy it? it's way too kawaii!!

Totoro Watch available at Strapya World.

this awesome kawaii Rilakkuma watch is definitely my fave:)i would totally get this if i could, it's freaking IRRESISTIBLE!!!i mean,who wouldn't want to see Rilakkuma every time they need to check the time?i totally would!!

Rilakkuma Watch available at Kung Fu Tea Gifts.

Harajuku Lovers Women's Plastic watch #HLLF333420

so i spent like the longest time looking for a cute one:)
i love the colour of this watch!! i now have newfound respect for Gwen Stefani:) to the cute creator of Harajuku Lovers Brand,you rock!!

Harajuku Lovers Watch available at WatchesRetailers.

i actually have this watch on my wrist right was my sister's but she gave it to me:)i am totally lovin this watch!!i love the colour especially. i mean,rainbows just make me feel happy:)

Rainbow Swatch Watch available at Swatch.

okay,i hope you enjoyed this post:) that's all for now!!

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