Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Rilakkuma Collection!!

hi guys! you all know how much i love Rilakkuma rite? and of course,a Rilakkuma lover must have purchased some Rilakkuma merchandise rite? well in this post,i'm gonna show u guys my whole Rilakkuma collection:) so come and check it out!!!

1) Rilakkuma Macaroon Spiral Notebook

first up in my Rilakkuma collection is this kawaii macaroon notebook.yes,i know i once said that i have tons of notebooks that i don't use so i shouldn't buy more but my mom just bought it. but not to worry,i'm now using to write Science notes:) so it didn't go to waste!and seriously,how cute is this?i mean look at that uber-kawaii paper!! <3 it!!

Rilakkuma Macaroon Spiral Notebook available at ShopKawaii.

2)Rilakkuma Drinking Soup in The Forest Notebook

second in my Rilakkuma collection is yet another notebook:) and you know what? i think this notebook is way cuter than the other one......which is partly the reason why i haven't used it yet.....cuz i can't bear to.... i mean , if u saw a cute Rilakkuma cupcake or smth,i bet u wouldn't bear to eat it too rite? well,u can already tell from the cover how cute it is:)with Rilakkuma drinking soup,do u guys drink soup before or after eating rice?i drink it before:) weird rite?heehee:)

Rilakkuma Drinking Soup in The Forest Notebook available at YesAsia.

3)Rilakkuma Mini Memo Pad With Strawberry

third in my collection is a mini memo pad:)great for writing to do lists or notes on .personally,i find that when i write stuff i need to do on cute post its or memo pads, i won't forget them and it also makes writing them more fun:)as always,Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma remain as cute as ever!!

Rilakkuma Mini Memo Pad With Strawberry available at modes4u.

5)Korilakkuma Post-it Notes

these were a gift from my friend,Rachel:)i use them all the them as bookmarks,reminders,etc.so cute and awesome!!i like the blue Korilakkuma one the most:)

Korilakkuma Post-it Notes available at Ebay.

6)Rilakkuma Rabbit Lovely Strawberry Cup

and lastly, my most used Rilakkuma thing is.... my Rilakkuma cup!! I ABSOLUTELY <3 IT!!! and it just suits how this year is the Rabbit year and all... and personally, i think Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma look so cute dressed as rabbits,can't say anything bout the duck though...i guess he's cute too:)

Rilakkuma Rabbit Lovely Strawberry Cup available at FlutterScape.

okay,that's all i have currently in my Rilakkuma collection!! hope u enjoyed this post!!


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  3. Hey guys:) thanks for the comments:) I'll go check out Private Import Japan:) thanks for the recommendation!! And my collection has expanded a lot since I posted this haha. I've got a whole bunch of stationery and this gigantic korilakkuma plush hahha obsessed:D Glad you enjoyed this post!