Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hannah Zakari

hello:) happy Monday guys!! i posted 2 posts in a day yesterday:) starting to get back on track>.< now, today i have a another really cute shop to introduce to you guys:) it's called Hannah Zakari, they sell jewellery, prints and more,all made from independent designers!! really worth taking a look at, so let's check it out!

first up we have this really sweet locket necklace:) i'm like totally obsessed with locket necklaces right now:) they're so cute and trendy!! this one is very unique, with stars on it, complete with a moon:) really gonna put this on my wishlist!

Starry Locket available here.

if you guys didn't know, i actually really believe in spreading love and peace:) i have a peace necklace myself, and it's really nice! this one looks similar:)i really like these peace necklaces, i think they're really good statement pieces:)

Brass Peace Necklace available here.

as you guys know, i'm really into floral prints, i'm literally dying to get this necklace!! arghhs!! its sooo cute man! i love the sweet peach colour on it:)

Chintzy Floral Heart Necklace available here.

i wouldn't say i'm a big fan of brooches, mostly because i never use them. but this one is just irresistible!! it's just so cute^-^

Cute Naughty Vampire Heart Brooch available here.

these cards are great for people who love to cook. they can write down recipes and instructions, and ingredients:) it's really convenient!!

Squirrel and Rabbit Recipe Cards available here.

Cat TO DO LIST notepad by boygirlparty, bowtie kitty cat note pad memo list organizer - cat stationery office gift

i'm the type of person that loves to write a to do list, and this to do list is not only cute, but makes writing to do list more easy:)and i find it really helps all those forgetful people accomplish their day's errands.

Cat To Do List available here.

much more cute stuff at Hannah Zakari:)

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