Saturday, October 8, 2011

Etsy Search-Roseycheekes

hi guys, i'm back with another cute Etsy store to share with you guys:) this store is called Roseycheekes and they basically sell paper goods and prints, all of their stuff all ultra cute:) kawaii to the max!!

so let's come check it out!!

Cute Octopus Balloon Girl Donut Postcards (Set of 3)

first up we have this uber cute set of 3 postcards:) one is of a really cute chubby octopus, another of a sweet girl ontop of a balloon, and the last one is of a donut with a little cute white fluffy thing in it:) awesome:) and u get all these cute postcards for just $5.50 USD!!

Set of 3 Cute Postcards available here.

Two Bookmarks
now here are 2 super adorable bookmarks:) it's a girl and a boy:) they look so sweet!! awwww.....*heart melts* it comes as a set for only $3.50,they can make really good gifts too:)

Set of 2 Cute Bookmarks available here.

Mushroom Spores Print

i have never seen mushrooms look this cute:) this print is just freaking cute!! i would totally buy it<3!!

Cute Mushroom Print available here.

Cute Stickers (4 sheets)
see what i mean?! this store is full of cuteness!! <3 these cute stickers:) comes as a set of 4, u can stick them on letters,boxes, and even your forehead!! ^-^

Set of 4 Cute Stickers available here.

Cute Tea and Coffee Postcards (Set of 3)

here's another set of 3 postcards and they're all coffee and tea related:) and they're still as cute as ever!!

Set of 3 Cute Coffee and Tea Postcards available here.

Owl Pyramid

awww.... check out these cuddly owls! haha they're forming a pyramid and it seems like one of them at the bottom can't take it for much longer:) ~ultra kawaii~

Cute Owl Pyramid Print available here.

and that's all i've got for now:) be sure to check out Roseycheekes store!

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